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What kind of material is melamine tableware? good or not? What are the hazards?
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It looks like porcelain tableware. The actual material is “plastic”. Due to its light weight and non-breaking, melamine tableware has gradually become the darling of the table. It is not only widely used by children, but also in some unit canteens and food stalls. Come in handy.

However, a recent news has caused many consumers to worry about the quality and safety of melamine tableware. According to relevant media reports, Belgium and Finland issued a circular to China's domestic melamine tableware. The main reason for the notification was that the migration of harmful chemicals such as melamine, formaldehyde and primary aromatic amines in the tableware exceeded the standard.

In fact, this continuous notification is not an isolated case. In the first quarter of this year, the EU Food and Feed Rapid Alert System notified China of five melamine tableware problems, including salad bowls and plates.

What kind of material is melamine tableware?

The melamine tableware, also known as melamine tableware, is a kind of kitchen product widely used in recent years. The main material is melamine formaldehyde resin, which is allowed to manufacture tableware.

Is melamine tableware good?

Many melamine tableware are mainly used for "children's cards". The products sold are not only designed into various shapes, but also painted with cartoon patterns such as Mickey Mouse and Pleasant Goat in the inner layer. The patterns are different and colorful, and the types mainly include children. Bowls, children's meal trays, etc.

Many parents who buy at the site think that such tableware is “lightweight and banned” and will not bruise or scratch the child.

However, the use of melamine tableware has many limitations. On some product nameplates, you can see the following tips: "Do not sterilize in the sterilizer, do not use the wire ball to facilitate cleaning, can not be used in microwave ovens and ovens" 80 degrees may cause the tableware to deform and soften, resulting in a shortened service life. "When used at higher temperatures, it will release harmful substances such as formaldehyde."
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At the same time, according to the different ratio of melamine resin and various additives, imitation porcelain products are also used for food and non-food. The reporter saw in the Wumart supermarket that a cartoon binaural children's meal tray of the new Yunlong brand was marked with 100% melamine material; while another round lace disc was labeled as “UF (urea resin)). + positive surface MF (melamine), and give the prompt "not for food, do not use as tableware."

According to GB 9690-2009 "Sanitary Standards for Melamine-Formaldehyde Moldings for Food Containers and Packaging Materials", melamine-formaldehyde resins should not release substances harmful to health under the recommended conditions, and increase the measurement of melamine migration. However, the main material used in non-food melamine products is different. Urea-formaldehyde resin is different from strong acid and alkali, and formaldehyde is released under hydrolysis.

According to industry insiders, the price of melamine raw materials on the market is about twice the price of urea-formaldehyde resin, but the finished products are very similar. If consumers do not make serious distinctions, it is easy to confuse them. Compliance products can be used with confidence

For the quality of melamine tableware, the relevant state departments have also paid attention to it. In 2016, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province issued a product quality inspection report showing that nearly 30% of the melamine tableware was found to be non-contaminant, and the brightly colored melamine tableware was also found to contain heavy metal lead.

What kind of material is melamine tableware? good or not? What are the hazards?

In April this year, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau also organized supervision and spot checks on the quality of melamine tableware produced and sold in the city. Among the 50 batches of products tested, one batch was found to have “unqualified total migration”.

According to Gu Yanjie, a third-party testing and certification body and expert in food contact materials regulations of Ruixu Products Technology Co., Ltd., melamine tableware is a relatively mature product and has corresponding standard specifications. At present, the national standard for melamine tableware is GB 9690-2009 "Sanitary Standard for Melamine-Formaldehyde Molding for Food Containers and Packaging Materials". The industry standard is QB/T 1999-1994 "Melamine Plastic Tableware".

Gu Yanjie said that in the GB9690-2009 national standard, the mandatory indicators worthy of attention include sensory indicators and physical and chemical indicators, including physical and chemical indicators including evaporation residue, potassium permanganate consumption, formaldehyde monomer migration, melamine monomer migration, Heavy metal, bleaching test. Among the QB/T 1999-1994 industry standards, recommended indicators worthy of attention include dry heat resistance, low temperature resistance, heat and humidity resistance, stain resistance, warpage, and drop properties.

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The danger of melamine tableware

"The conditions for the use of melamine tableware are limited. If used improperly, there may be safety hazards." Gu Yanjie said that if there is a problem with the quality of melamine tableware, such as melamine and formaldehyde monomer migration exceeding the standard, it will lead to the precipitation of melamine and formaldehyde. , migration to food, causing harm to human health, long-term use may have cancer risk. At the same time, the appearance quality of melamine tableware changes, such as deformation, foaming, pigment discoloration, etc., can also lead to the precipitation of harmful substances, endangering the health of consumers.

For the "melamine" substances that are very sensitive to consumers, Gu Yanjie said that melamine is allowed to be used in food contact plastic materials and products. The qualified melamine tableware products are stable in nature and can be used with confidence.

Enterprises should use compliance raw materials

It is understood that with the continuous increase of foreign technical trade measures in recent years, the export situation of China's melamine tableware has also been greatly affected.

The EU has enacted 11 regulations on plastic products. In particular, in 2011, special requirements and handling procedures for polyamide and melamine plastic kitchen utensils exported from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong to the EU were introduced, and the import batches were strengthened.

The proportion of sampling and testing, China's export products are therefore frequently notified or recalled.

According to Shen Jie, market manager of food regulations of Ruixu Product Technology Co., Ltd., the reason why China's melamine tableware is frequently notified is the product quality problem caused by the production process. Specifically,

the original and auxiliary materials are used illegally, the inferior products are indiscriminately charged; the production process is mixed, the standard of the regulatory standards is drilled, and the product quality is difficult to control; the quality system of some production enterprises is imperfect, the finished product is turned off, the product quality cannot be guaranteed; the product packaging logo exists. The problem is the detection error of import and export products.

Shen Jie said that enterprises should control the overall production of products and improve their competitiveness. The use of qualified and compliant raw and auxiliary materials for product production, strict requirements for the use of product formula additives; at the same time improve the production process, increase the scientific and technological content, and strictly control the key technical parameters of the production process.
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Shen Jie also recommends that enterprises improve the quality standard system, familiar with product regulations and standards, conduct strict testing and quality tracking for finished products, and conduct audit and warning labels for product packaging and use, to remind consumers to be reasonable and correct. Under the conditions of use, at the same time, to ensure the compliance of customs inspection of import and export products.

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