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Types of Bakery Equipment
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When you own a bakery, there are certain types of bakery equipment that you might want to invest in. It may take some considerable effort to get your idea off the ground and create the perfect bakery – but overall, it can be done as long as you know the basics. Depending on the budget for your business, here are the types of equipment that you might want to start investing in.

Bakery Ovens

The ovens are pretty much the centerpiece of every bakery. Without them, you would not be able to bake – and therefore, your establishment could not be called a bakery. The type you use will depend on the kind of establishment that you plan to run – as well as the items that you want to bake.

For instance, a convection oven will make use of forced hot air in order to bake something rapidly – therefore improving your production volume. They are also particularly useful for cookie batches. On the other hand, if you are planning to go through large-scale baking, then a deck oven will allow you to push more rotating racks for whole carts.

Deck Ovens

Convection Ovens

Bakery Freezers and Refrigerators

Every bakery will need some cold storage equipment for ingredients that need such an environment. You will need a cool environment to keep the eggs, milk, butter, cream, and fruits cool – and you might also need a freezer to keep ingredient fresh in the long term. The freezer is particularly useful if you plan to buy ingredients in bulks – and therefore, will make your products last longer. 

You can also choose between refrigerators with glass doors and refrigerators with solid doors. The solid-door options represent a good alternative when you don’t want the clients to see every egg stashed. Still, the glass door ones are great for sodas and drinks that your customers might pick from.

Glass Door Upright Fridge

Solid Door Upright Fridge

Glass Door Undercounter Fridge

Solid Door Undercounter FridgeBlast Freezer/Chiller

Dough Equipment

Depending on the type of baked good that you are trying to sell, you might need different types of equipment for dough. You may need mixers to make soft, cake dough – or you may need equipment to make the harder bread dough. Depending on the consistency of the dough, you will have to choose commercial dough equipment that can handle it.

Consider the size of the establishment, as well as its demand. If you have a lot of clients, you may want to go for a unit that has a bigger bowl. This will help improve the productivity of your establishment.

Spiral Dough Mixers

Dough Bowlers/Rounders

Planetary Mixers

Bakery Display Cases

Once the baked goods have been made, you need to show them off. Bakeries work on the fact that every person has a sweet tooth – so, what better way to attract people to your bakery than by showcasing them in a display case? Once they see those freshly baked muffins, they will certainly start selling.

Bear in mind that depending on the food that you wish to display, you may want to choose its case accordingly. Some desserts will require a cold case, whereas others might require a display case to keep things warm. In some cases, you might want to invest in different kinds of display cases.

Cake Displays

Ambient Displays

Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment

When you have a bakery, things are bound to get messy at some point. Flour splashes everywhere, bowls where the dough was mixed or where eggs were beaten – needless to say, there will be many dirty dishes to handle. This will be the case even if it’s a relatively small bakery.

It’s more efficient to buy a dishwasher rather than to hire and pay a person to do the task by hand. It will be more time efficient that way – and you will be able to use that money for better purposes – such as buying new equipment.

Undercounter Dishwashers

Pass-Through Washers

Small Bakery Equipment

Sometimes, it is the smaller things that make a bakery run – small things that can be very important. It can be a bread slicer (which will certainly slice more than bread), or an ingredient bin that can store things such as the flour of the sugar that you are planning to use. You may not think much about this equipment – but it will certainly come in handy at some point.

Bread Slicers

Ingredient Bins

No bakery is the same as the other one. As a result, you might want to know exactly what kind of bakery you will open. Some pieces of bakery equipment may be more important than others – but nonetheless, all of them can be very useful. In the end, it will all depend on your budget and the available working space.

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