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Top 10 Tablecloth Questions Asked by Internet Users
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How much time do you spend thinking about your tablecloths?

The answer might depend on who you are. The homeowner who only gets out the tablecloths for Thanksgiving and Christmas probably gives them a lot less thought than the bed-and-breakfast manager who’s serving three-course dinners every night.

Still, nearly every American home will use a tablecloth at least once a year, and a lot of people have questions about the right way to use them. Here are the top 10 tablecloth questions asked online.

1. What size tablecloth should I use for a six-foot table?

It depends on what kind of table and tablecloths you have. Tables could be either round or rectangular, and tablecloths come in three lengths: half-drop, full-drop and puddle drop.

With that in mind, a round six foot table would need a 108-inch round half-drop tablecloth and a 132-inch full drop tablecloth.

A rectangular or oblong six-foot table would need a 60-inch by 102-inch rectangular half drop tablecloth, 90-inch by 132-inch for a full drop and 90-inch by 156-inch for a puddle drop.

2. What size tablecloth should I use for an eight-foot table?

An eight-foot table will need a 60-inch by 120-inch mid-length tablecloth or a 90-inch by 156-inch floor-length tablecloth.

Round tabelcloth

3. What size tablecloth do I need for a 60-inch round table?

With these tables, use a 90-inch half drop tablecloth or 120-inch full drop.

4. What size tablecloth do I need for a six-foot rectangular table?

We addressed this earlier in the list of tablecloth questions: A six-foot rectangular table would need a 60-inch by 102-inch rectangular half drop tablecloth, 90-inch by 132-inch for a full drop and 90-inch by 156-inch for a puddle drop.

5. What size tablecloth do I need?

It depends on the table and – some might argue – the event. The length of a tablecloth can help set the tone for your meal. Casual gatherings can get by with a tablecloth that have a six-to-eight inch drop, while more formal events should have a tablecloth with a 15-inch drop.

6. How do I measure for a tablecloth?

Once you’ve figured out the tenor of your event, use this equation to calculate the appropriate tablecloth size.

Start by measuring the length and width of the table, then add double the desired drop to each side. So if you have a table that’s six feet long and 42 inches wide, and you want a 9-inch drop, add 18 inches to both sides. That means you’ll want a 60-inch by 90-inch tablecloth.

For a round table, take diameter of the table and add double the drop you want. A 60-inch table and a 15-inch drop would mean you’d want a 90-inch tablecloth.

7. How do I get wax out of my tablecloth?

Candle wax on Tablecloth

A candle-lit dinner can be quite romantic, and also quite messy if wax drips onto your tablecloth. Wax doesn’t have to spell the end for your cloth. You should be able to clean these stains at home.

Wait for the wax to cool completely – you can speed this up by putting the tablecloth in the freezer – and then scrape it away with a dull knife.

Cut a brown paper bag in half lengthwise and put one piece over the wax stain. Run a clothes iron – on its hottest setting that’s still safe for the fabric – over the stain. This will transfer the oils from the wax onto the brown paper.

Keep this up until no more oil appears on the bag, then wash the tablecloth in warm water on a cycle that’s meant for the fabric.

However, if you have a tablecloth that’s an antique, or made from a fragile material, you may want to have it dry-cleaned. And using higher-quality candles can usually make clean-up easier.

8. How do I get wrinkles out of a plastic tablecloth?

Plastic tablecloths may not be as fancy as ones made from cloth, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look presentable for your events. Here are a few methods you can use:

  • On the day before your event, hang the tablecloth on a clothesline, where sun and gravity will even out any creases.
  • Use a hair dryer on a low setting to smooth out any wrinkles. Keep it cool: plastic can melt if the dryer is too hot.
  • Put the tablecloth in a clothes dryer if the hair dryer method doesn’t work. Again, use a low setting and don’t keep the tablecloth in the dryer for too long.

If you’re still dealing with wrinkles, put a warm, damp towel over the tablecloth, then iron the towel.

9. How do I make plastic tablecloths look elegant?

This is easier than you might think. While you can’t do much about the cloth itself, you can spruce up your décor with centerpieces such as flowers, fruit bowls, little sculptures or candles.

Spilled red wine on tabelcloth

10. How do I get red wine out of tablecloths?

Red wine can be tough to get out of fabric, but if you react fast enough, you might be able to save your tablecloth from the trash bin.

You’ll need a clean white cotton cloth, some table salt, a bowl, boiling water and a pot holder. Follow these steps to get rid of the stain:

  • Dab – don’t rub – at the stain with the cloth to soak up excess wine. If you rub, you’ll just be working the wine back into the fabric.
  • Pull the fabric taut and slide the bowl under it, centering it beneath the stain. Keep it in place with a rubber band.
  • Sprinkle the salt – a lot of salt – over the stain and let it sit for at least five minutes. The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to get rid of the stain.
  • Slowly pour boiling water over the stain from at least eight inches above the bowl. The height gives you the force you’ll need to push out the stain.
  • Machine wash the tablecloth on the hottest setting. Do not dry it until the stain is completely out. Drying too soon will cause the stain to set.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tablecloth tutorial. If you have further tablecloth questions – or are in the market for a new tablecloth after, say, an unfortunate wine or wax incident, InnStyle can help.

Contact our sales team today to find the right tablecloth for your establishment.

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