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The relaunch of the Stilnovo brand
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An acquisition, but more than anything, a meeting of a recently begun story permeated by technology and a legendary story created over the years with the contribution of protagonists of Italian design.

A meeting which is, therefore, a promise, where the past of Stilnovo meets the future of Linea Light, generating a present where design and its expressive charge become the bearers of technological innovation. The challenge will be to generate new products over the coming years that will be an interpretation and synthesis of modernity.

The decision to sign an agreement came out of a deep-seated sharing of values and common intent where, in both cases and in different eras, the primary goal has always been to innovate through the best available technology interpreted by the great masters and new young designers.


Summary on the acquisition of the Stilnovo brand by Linea Light Group

Along with news in the lighting sector and the Milano Design Week events, Euroluce 2019 will be remembered for the acquisition of the historic brand Stilnovo by Linea Light Group.

If post World War I Italy gained notoriety on an international level thanks to the combination of the budding industrial design and the most famous names in contemporary architecture, Stilnovo was one of the first companies to transfer this blend to the lighting sector.

Since then, the brand has always provided its own original response to the social, aesthetic and functional needs of each decade, relying on names of the calibre of Castiglioni, Aulenti, Colombo, Sottsass, De Pas, D’Urbino & Lomazzi and Gorgoni.

The grafting of Linea Light into this decades-long history takes on the flavour of a fundamental event to take this cultural heritage into the future, a heritage made up of experiences, undisputed protagonists and iconic products.

And the goal of the Veneto company is to relaunch Stilnovo conscientiously and respectfully, bringing it back onto the pitch with renewed energy, an energy in terms of both technology and finances.

Linea Light and Stilnovo: the combination of a brand that has made history in Italian design and a group founded thirty years ago, consistently increasing in popularity to the point of becoming a protagonist on the contemporary scene with products capable of offering ultra-high performance behind personal and cutting-edge aesthetics.

And yet, looking back, it is clear that the mission Bruno Gatta set up in 1946 when he founded Stilnovo in Lainate for the production of lamps for civil and industrial use, is perfectly in line with Linea Light’s mission: a solid and modern company which has made the blend of technology and design its manifesto, boasting important international references and prestigious awards, including the 2018 Compasso d’Oro honourable mention, achieved by the Diphy lamp.

The process by which the iconic Stilnovo products will be edited by Linea Light will therefore be more natural than ever, integrating skills and cutting-edge scientific know-how into the production procedure, all in full analytical and philological respect for the original products.


Description of the Stilnovo brand relaunch strategies by Linea Light Group, in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the “Design Re-evolution 2019” Paradigm

The history of Italian design is marked by sensational events. Some have remained frozen in time or are extinct, whereas others return based on a programmed re-proposal and yet others have come through eras and generations without losing their allure.

Stilnovo is one of those brands that, since 1946 when it was founded by the far-sighted Bruno Gatta, has never stopped being the talk of the town, thanks to its products that have become iconic and the names of the designers, drawing admiration from design historians, collectors and enthusiasts.

The year 2019 will be remembered as the year that Stilnovo made a comeback, thanks to the acquisition by a strong group like Linea Light which, under the artistic consultancy of the Debonademeo firm, set its sights on the ambitious goal of reviving one of the first authors of industrial design through a scientific process of re-proposing historic products and a re-interpretation of its outputs: from the conception of new collections to a coordinated renewed image.

A legendary brand that included expressions and creations by the most important names in twentieth-century design now meets the innovation, technology and solidity of Linea Light Group.

The combination promises a positive two-way exchange between the design culture and a love for research and innovation in the lighting field.

Linea Light works the miracle of breathing new life into Stilnovo: instilling its technological lifeblood with devotion and responsibility. Thanks to the contribution of the Veneto-based group, Stilnovo resumes its path in history: it rediscovers itself, regenerates it traditional identity of producing items with a strong aesthetic character which are the result of beauty and function.

In short, Stilnovo relights its lamp through Linea Light. Its electronic soul, nourished by highly technological components, restarts the beating heart of Stilnovo products which enrich the flagship decorative collection offered by the Veneto Group.

The two organisations blend into a single ensemble which can now truly claim to be connected to the illustrious past of the design world and they move into the future together with the strength and competitiveness of an evolved ‘Made in Italy’.

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