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The Hotel Concierge Goes Mobile And Everyone Benefits
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The hotel concierge’s role is much more than a resource for local directions or restaurant recommendations. A good concierge will deliver a level of personalized service that can be the leading reason why guests decide to come back to a hotel.

By adding concierge functionality within your hotel’s mobile app, guests are able to easily access the service in a way they’re all too familiar with: mobile.

Mobile has already become a leading resource for so much of their travel. In less than two years, the number of online bookings from mobile phones has gone up almost 60%. A study by Google and Phocuswright found the number of travelers who say they “always” depend on their mobile phones when traveling has increased almost 75% in less than three years.

So, to your guests, having a mobile concierge function alongside traditional concierge staff may soon become an expectation. And there are clear benefits to offering mobile concierge service options for both guests and hotels.

A Concierge That Always Adds to Guest Experience

It’s hard to replace the personalized service of an in-person concierge. But by adding a mobile concierge option, guests have an additional channel to get a prompt response to more general inquiries. This is ideal when the concierge is busy or off-duty, but also for guests who prefer mobile communication (which is especially the case with younger generations).

A hotel concierge app can provide guests with immediate access to important local and property information. Many mobile concierge solutions even offer a two-way chat to accommodate immediate conversation and requests. Some hotels are even utilizing AI-driven chatbots to answer basic guest questions or requests.

Mobile concierge capability also enables hotels to leverage either artificial intelligence such as “Ivy” from GoMoment or distribute guest support tasks among multiple staff members to ensure a quick, helpful response.

The Hotel Benefits, Too

In addition to improving the guest experience, mobile concierge presents numerous advantages and opportunities for the hotel itself.

Give Guests Answers Before They Ask

With a strategic selection of content and user-friendly navigation, hotels can answer many guests’ questions directly in an app without having to ask the hotel concierge. Guests can see restaurant and room service menus, photos, schedules, and other amenity information, and then make reservations and place orders themselves. You also could provide information for shopping, tourism, and entertainment destinations outside the hotel.

Reduce Human Error

The best of employees make mistakes now and then. This technology virtually eliminates any chance of guest requests falling through the cracks. If requests aren’t completed within a given time period, many mobile concierge apps have a system of escalating unfulfilled requests up the management chain to ensure someone handles it (and before guests have a chance to complain).

Increase Productivity

A variety of reporting functions are typically available within mobile concierge solutions to monitor how quickly staff responds, among other efficiency metrics. Comparing this data to guest service feedback brings more dimension to your appraisal of staff performance and helps to improve your systems and processes.

Spend More Time With Guests

Giving guests the ability to use a mobile concierge solution will empower your concierge staff to do their job better. When simple concierge requests or suggestions are handled by a mobile app, the hotel staff can spend more time with individual guests to better ensure satisfaction. Especially for hotels without a dedicated concierge, a mobile concierge app may be even more beneficial because guests are probably directing questions and requests to front desk personnel, drastically reducing their efficiency and chances of providing superior service.

Drive Additional Revenue

A mobile concierge can also be a powerful marketing tool. It gives hotels a platform to tailor promotions and offers with a much higher probability of use because you often have a history of guests’ mobile app activity and purchases. For instance, you could offer a discounted price for a manicure to a guest who requests a facial or make other offers based on their inquiries – a free appetizer at one of your restaurants they’ve looked into. You can also promote in-app offers for spa appointments, dining, and more during low-use times for your amenities. A mobile concierge can give you the upper hand in influencing purchases away from outside providers that compete with your in-house offerings.

A Brand Dedicated to the Guest Experience

What’s more, guests expect and prefer hotels to offer the latest in technological convenience. It adds to your property’s positioning as up-to-date and dedicated to improving your guests’ experience. This is especially true with younger travelers, who are only beginning to show their profit potential to the hospitality industry.

Adding a concierge capability to your hotel’s app gives your guests another branded experience and makes your app – and, by extension, your hotel brand – more valuable to the traveler. And you can expect that value to be rewarded with loyal, repeat business.

Increase Convenience for Guests, Profits for Your Hotel

If you already have a hotel mobile app, you can ask the developers of your current app if they can add concierge functions, or you can turn to third-party solutions that are ready to deploy (and are often less expensive), such as Runtriz.

With all the advantages for guests and hotels that a mobile concierge app can add, the only question remaining is how quickly you can deploy yours. Offering both traditional and mobile concierge options can elevate the personalized service that the concierge team strives to provide, improving the overall hotel experience for your guests.

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