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Sweepers Nilfisk SW5500
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The SW5500 offers a highly productive, comfortable and cost-effective way to sweep large floors and outdoor areas of dust and debris. A ride-on sweeper with the size and capacity to speed up your cleaning.

Daily benefits like creating a safer environment and lowering the total costs of ownership make this machine an attractive choice for contract cleaners, industrial sites and factories, warehouses, distribution centres, sports arenas, parking lots of large retail stores or shopping malls, multi-storey car parks, etc.

At the same time, SW5500 provides more sustainability with the optional hybrid technology reducing emission and the level of noise.

What SW5500 does best for you:

1. Increases productivity at your fingertips

2. Lowers the total cost of ownership

3. Creates a safer and cleaner environment

25–30% increased sweeping performance with a worn main broom versus traditional sweeping system

30% increased hopper filling gives higher productivity as less time is spent dumping the debris

The first real hybrid industrial sweeper on the market: flexible cleaning, low emissions and low noise

Main broom adjustment easy to check by pushing a button

All sweeping functions activated by OneTouch™ button and pressing the drive pedal

All functions automatically stop when not driving to reduce consumptions

High-quality components and assembly

Automatic speed reduction in tight curves and operating the hopper

Warning alarm and reduced hopper lifting speed on slopes

DustGuard™ system to reduce dust created by the side brooms

Parallelogram concept on side broom for better and consistent sweeping performance

Climb 20% on ramp/slopes while sweeping


Hopper volume (l)    150

Max speed (km/h)    9

Motor power source    Battery 24V

Length x width x height (mm)    1875x1200x1565

Operating weight (kg)    1101

Max dumping height (cm)    1650

Working width (mm)    850

Max climbing rate (%)    20

Working width w/right side broom (mm)    1175

Working width w/2 side brooms (mm)    1500

Net weight (kg)    636

Sound pressure level (dB(A))    68

Side broom diameter (mm)    500

Filter area (m²) - 7

Side broom speed (RPM) - 40-155

Productivity 1 side broom theoretical/actual (m²/h) - 10575/7405

Productivity 2 side brooms theoretical/actual (m²/h) - 13500/9450

Productivity main broom theoretical/actual (m²/h) - 7650/5355

Filter cleaning system - Timed multi-frequency

Flap lifting device - Yes

Paper panel filter - Yes

Hour Meter - Yes

Amber safety beacon - Yes

Back up warning alarm - Yes

Service indicator - Yes

Key switch - Yes

Parking brake - Yes

Variable high dump system - Yes

Non marking traction wheels - Yes

Battery level indicator - Yes

Horn - Yes

Wet sweep by-pass - Yes

Variable speed control - Yes

On-board charger - Yes

Automatic speed reduction - Yes

Adjustable side broom speed - Yes

Adjustable seat - Yes

Charging indicator- Yes

Multi-frequency filter shaker - Yes

Speed indicator - Yes

Overheat indicator - Yes

One Touch Button - Yes

No tool broom adjustment - Yes

Foam filled rear wheels - Yes

Main broom worn alarm - Yes

Timed multi-frequency filter shaker - Yes

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