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Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Aroma Diffuser
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Design like a glass egg, Aroma Diffuser creates a comfortable indoor air combined with a fragrant cool mist.

By adding a few drops of fragrance oil you can vary the fragrances by season, room or mood from the Sthlm Fragrance Supplier series of exclusive fragrance oils.

Aroma Diffuser has a beautiful LED lighting that you can set to varying lighting, stop it in a certain lighting or leave it on with mist and scent without lighting. Aroma Diffuser is as beautiful a lifestyle product as functional. Fragrance thru mist- Fresh indoor air- Harmonic lighting

Decorative Aroma Diffuser in marbled glass top or white glass top.

Gray marble or white
Mist and fragrance per 100 ml water: Continuous in 6-10 h
Automatic shutdown when the water has evaporated
Soft LED lighting
Close to Soundless

Product description:

This beautiful and decorative Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier, designed like a glass egg creates a peaceful and fragrant mist by adding 1-3 drops of perfume oil . Aroma Diffuser combines fresh air and fragrance with modern scientific innovation where you only need a wall outlet to plug it in to create a sophisticated fragrant atmosphere.

Aroma Diffuser is running continuous for about 5-10 hours and when the water has evaporated and the water tank is empty it turns off automatically so you never have to worry about forgetting it.

Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier has multiple LED light functions and can slowly switch between different beautiful colors in the lighting, set to only one color or mist and scent without lighting in its beautiful gray marbled or white egg-shaped glass shells.

How does Aroma Diffuser operate?

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier creates a mist that spreads through vibrations. When the water molecules are split, it is emitted as fog, it is absorbed in the air as steam. The process is both environmentally friendly and quiet. This diffusion method uses no heat, which maintains the positive properties of the perfume oil or the essential oil integrity properties.

Aroma Diffuser produces steam that is absorbed by the air and then adds a comfortable fresh moisture to your or business. The mist has many health benefits and gives an increased well-being.

Just as good in all the rooms of the home as in the office to create a healthy atmosphere where you can add your specific signature scent or find a new favorite fragrance from Sthlm Fragrance Supplier's range of perfume oil.

Aroma Diffuser

Scent: Spreads a fantastic cool fragrant mist at home, at work,Spa, Hotel. Choose your perfect scent from our collection of exclusive fragrance oils.

Fresh indoor air: Enjoy comfortable and healthy indoor air.

Well-being: Creates a feeling of well-being with beautiful design, scent and lighting that changes in color.


Be careful while handling the diffuser, the glass cover is fragile and is not attached to the plastic base. It is therefore necessary to hold the plastic base in one hand and to keep the glass cover in the other.
Place the diffuser on a flat and stable surface and away from the edge
Remove the diffuser´s glass cover
Pour water ( bottled or tap water) into the water tank up to the maximum level indicated, 100 ml.

Add some drops of fragrance oil.
Carefully replace the glass cover on the water base. Make sure there is no gap between the base and the glass cover.
Plug the adaptor into the oulet
Turn the appliance on with the button in front
Can be run continuous and do not need to be turn off.

You are advised to frequently change the water in the tank and clean the diffuser once or twice a week, particularly if you want to change the fragrance to be diffused.
If you want to empty the water tank with un diffused water, empty the water tank in the opposite way to the air outlet. Do not empty the water in the air outlet, this would damage the diffuser.
Clean the inside of of the diffuser with a soft damp cloth. If needed , use a little vinegar strongly diluted. Do not use corrosive detergents. Carefully rub the ceramic disc, with a cotton bud being careful not to scratch it.

The glass egg is a craft and every gray marbled glass has its own unique pattern.

Aroma Diffuser Humidifier can be used with or without fragrance oil.

Note! The fragrance oil is purchased separately.


Press the first time: Turn on the diffusion continuous, and light with 7 colors changing
Press the second time, Keep the continuous mist, and fix the color you choose
Press the third time: Keep continuous mist, and turn the light off
Press the fourth time: Turn off the whole unit completely. The diffuser turns off automatically when there is no water.

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