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Some Basic Hotel Kitchen Layout and Their Functionalities and Mechanism
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This part of hotel kitchen equipment in kolkata area is the central hub of the house and the area where the boards are decorated and furnished and equipped to the guest This part is the main property unit and has many areas or divisions as required by the food and the area of the business. Foods of various cuisines are served here. For the normal functioning of the central kitchen, it is seldom broken into subsections as stated before If a table set outlet is at a mile from the main kitchen area next to this F&B outlet, off from the central kitchen is ordered a moon kitchen Usually a Sous Chef is checked the control of the satellite kitchen but is subject to the Managing Chef, who is usually placed near the central kitchen.

The Pool Side Cafe’s or The rooftop restaurants are the usual outlets with an adjoining satellite kitchen, which strives to serve the customers faster and more effectively, due to the closeness to the kitchen The waiter does not hold to give a lot of time for making in the oil from the mam mess, this food container can be served faster and at the coveted state to the company While the planning of the house, this has to be put into state, because everything turns around the customer’s comfort.

SAUCE part of hotel kitchen :

The sauce part is effective for producing all poultry, meat, and recreation dishes with the elimination of those that are grilled or roasted. All the meat meals are prepared and garnished here

ROAST part of hotel kitchen :

The roast division is accountable for giving all roast recipes of meat, turkey, and game It is effective for all grilled dishes of chicken, meat, and seafood, and the duty is usually assigned to the restaurant cook. The section is also effective for the development of a product of vessels and the low frying of the menu items

FISH part of hotel kitchen :

This segment is engaged for the preparation of all fish recipes with the elimination of those that are grilled, plain, or deep fried The filleting, crumbling, scaling, cleaning, is done by the fishmonger

Cold Kitchen Larder /Garde Manager :

The word larder has in industrial kitchens a much broader importance it is generally regarded as the cold galley or the cold segment where mise – en- the place is done All raw delicious items in the list are made here. The larder is not just a country where oil is collected but a place anywhere the raw stuff for food are made and provided In great companies, the work is more divided into parts With the butchery being viewed more as a separate entity, directly this section is hardly controlled by the Larder Chef The Butcher Chef or Head Butcher runs in close contact with all the parts, especially with the Grill Cook, Roast Cook. Curry Cook and the Room Chef to give the food to them directly on time. One can also look for kitchen equipment kolkata.

1) Salad section & Hors-d’oeuvre: Part of the cold pantry where mixtures, cold sauces, and pre­plated cold openers are made

Pantry segment of hotel kitchen:-

Sandwiches and All juices and are made and followed from here This part is also recognized as the help counter of the whole section This segment is usually in the central mess and away from the cutting room as because hot lunches like grilled and toasted benefits are also accepted from here

Butchery/Butcher Shop: Air modified per-preparation place for paring, boning, and making, where foods are cut according to terms are prepared and portioned and given to the central kitchen.


Above all, the major part of every Kitchen area, it has to be well equipped and strictly maintained. If anyone able to accomplish these goals then only it starts to work in their favor and generate growth. Hence, having some world hotel kitchen equipment are the necessities. In order to own some reliable and enduring hotel or industrial kitchen equipment, one should get in touch with the leader, which is, “Bestekloza”.

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