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Smart and a Fail-Proof Protection from Superbug Infection
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All it takes to prevent infection is a little care in how we keep our hands clean. The most common cause for infection is bacteria and virus and most often it is possible to avoid them by using a liquid hand wash regularly, but there are some that are more contagious and just a wash with soap will not suffice. These types of bacteria and virus are commonly known as superbugs and need a highly potent liquid soap especially made to fight superbug infection.

What really are superbugs? Superbugs are strains of bacteria and viruses that are difficult to control and require specialised medicines to treat. They won’t respond so easily to common antibiotics and extreme infections can lead to hospitalisation for a few days. But the good news is that superbug infection is preventable and all it takes is being careful with one’s hands.

Why Focus on Hands and Washing Hand?

Potentially the whole of our body is a weak area where superbugs can grow and multiply and ultimately enter the digestive system to cause superbug infection induced diseases. Our emphasis is on hands because that is where we first come in contact with the superbug. If this point of transmission can be sanitised, then our war against superbug infection is almost won.

Though we always focus on ourselves for preventing superbug infection; things shouldn’t be this way. We also need to ensure that we don’t spread superbug bacteria to others if we are already infected; especially this is true when the infected individual is at home. Parents must particularly educate kids on the importance of keeping hands clean by using a liquid hand wash.

One of the best ways to keep our hands clean and sanitised is to wash our hands with a liquid hand wash. Washing your hands before eating is a common advice that doctors give us, but that alone is not enough; there is more than you must do; wash hands before/after:

  1. Using a keyboard that you share with others
  2. Driving a car or traveling on public transport
  3. Eating your food or snack
  4. Touching a desk that others use
  5. After using the restroom
  6. In short use a wash hand at least 5/6 times a day

You should be more concerned about ensuring that everyone is using the hand wash. You may find kids resisting, but when you place it at convenient points, you will be incentivizing its use.

Finding a Good Liquid Soap

All products are not the same and soaps alone will not provide you with the near perfect protection you need. Besides, soaps come in the form of cakes and cannot be carried around when you travel. A liquid hand wash on the other hand is a handy stuff that can be easily stored in a handbag.

Since so much is at stake, we recommend that you buy only from Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturers in India with a good reputation and standing. Though there are many hand wash soap manufacturers, not every producer will stick to the highest standards of manufacture and meet the stringiest of quality control.

A good product is one that comes with instruction for use; safety precautions to adopt; information on chemicals used and convenient packing. As a safety precaution, try the liquid soap on a small area of your hand. This is to ensure that you are not allergic to it.

Savoncare is Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturers in India, who are dedicated to providing liquid soap that is sophisticated for the hands ensuring it is gentle to use on hands.

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