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Showering Yourself With A Therapeutic And Mind Lifting Experience
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After a long meeting with your client or a long and tiring workout or a day full of travel, what is the one thing that will end your day on a good note? Nothing rather than a soothing shower will wash away all that tiredness making you feel rejuvenated.

In today’s time, a shower is more than just something helps you clean your body; it’s something that will also clean that pent-up stress, help you relax and make you revitalized.

And now according to research, it is also believed that a good shower has therapeutic properties and health benefits.

Now with the blend of technology and psychology, designers have crafted some of the most beautiful and luxurious range of showers like the:

Chromo Shower

The Chromo series seeks to emulate the dynamics of water as it occurs in nature. It uses Colour Therapy in which the energy of the colors is used to balance the psychophysical harmony in our body.

With monitored levels of temperature, it brings different seasons come to life with great precision. It uses LED lighting that elevates your showering experience as a multitude of hues is used to create auras that match our different moods.

Under Chromo Shower, Queo presents two types of design which are:

F Acqua Grand

The F Acqua Grand is a combination of two showers which are Cascade and Rainfall. The gush from the Cascade will energize you while the Rainfall will leave you in complete serenity.


F Acqua Pura

The F Acqua Pura has select showers from the range of Rain, Cascade, and Mist to soak yourself in the pleasures of water. Enhanced comfort comes with convenience as you operate everything as control everything with a remote.


F Acqua Cascade

The F Acqua Cascade has a range of showers like Massage, Rain, Waterfall and much more using different flows of water depending upon water pressure. They have therapeutic features as it also massages and calms your body making you feel rejuvenated.

Feeling fresh now? Queo presents of Chromo and F Acqua Cascade Showers that are designed to comfort and alleviate your soul. It is a perfect addition to your bathroom as its made keeping the modern man’s life in mind. It makes your bathing experience luxurious and adds an aesthetic to your bathroom.

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