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Revolution round dutch oven red induction, small size
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Revolution is the Revolutionary Dutch oven, entirely made of ceramic, suitable for every heat source including induction, stovetop, electric top, oven and microwave. This cookware collection is Revolutionary because after 2 years of challenging research, we introduced a unique cocotte that would change the way of cooking and baking.

This casserole is twice lighter than cast iron but will perform in a similar way without rusting or scratching. Resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock, Revolution has an off-white base equipped with a patterned technology that activates induction but does not hurt the microwave.

Naturally non-stick, it is easy to sear, roast or bake for long time any types of food. And the best part is that it is easy to wash, by hand or in the dishwasher. The beautiful red lid, very modern looking, is equipped with dots to allow a better condensation while cooking so your food doesn’t dry.

Also available in different colors and sizes. Ceramic being a natural material, and because it does not contain any heavy metals or toxins, this will be your go-to pot to feed your friends and family.

Revolution will bring modernity and elegance to your kitchen and table when preparing and serving dishes.

Revolution is definitely the best ceramic cookware you can find on the market, and will last for years.

You want more colors, more sizes? See the whole colorful collection

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Stews, soup, pasta, rice, meats, bread

Revolution is the best ceramic cookware you can find in the market. Made of 100% ceramic, this dutch oven is the best ceramic nonstick cookware and the safest. Here is what you need to know about REVOLUTION

VERSATILE AND PRACTICAL: this Dutch oven is for an everyday use since with one dish it can be used in every heat source including induction, stovetop, electrical unit, oven and microwave 

DURABLE AND RESISTANT: revolution is very light (half the weight of cast iron) but very resistant at the same time. Does not scratch. Does no rust.

SAFE AND FOOD FRIENDLY: REVOLUTION is made of natural mineral materials. Free of chemicals and heavy metals. Does not absorb grease or odors. Perfect for a healthy cooking for you and your family!

EASY CARE: dishwasher safe, naturally non-stick.

A MUST HAVE: perfect for preparing, simmering, baking, and presenting your recipes in a single dish.


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