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Purchasing Guide for Commercial Meat Slicer
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Commercial Meat Slicer can be the best equipment for enhancing the efficiency and quality of the kitchen. It can be used anywhere in the central kitchen, steakhouse, and coffee shop etc. Other than enabling you to pile the cheese and meat, it is greatly suitable for continuously slicing vegetables for dressing your pizza. The steakhouses tend to use slicers for producing uniformly chops.


Machine’s grade is the most important thing to be considered. Generally, there are three grades in which a slicer is classified including high duty, low duty, and middle duty.

High Duty

A high duty slicer can work in all categories and can slice any amount of cheese, meat, or frozen items for a longer period of time. Such slicers are capable of running four hours a day regardless of any pending issues.

Low Duty

A low duty or light duty slicers can work effectively on deli meat with a reasonable price. However, the low price is for certain reasons. First of all, this slicer is pretty good for less volume production as they are incapable of keeping up with greater volume without a burnout. In addition, these slicers cannot be recommended for slicing meat, frozen products, and cheese. In case your café is utilizing package cheese, this light duty slicer would be a perfect choice for you.

Medium Duty

Medium duty slicers are useful in slicing vegetables, meat, and cheese. It includes a greater horsepower and bigger blades. These slicers are not capable of working on the frozen food. It can be an appropriate solution for the people who are operating a medium or low volume deli oriented restaurants that require the use of just the refrigerated products.

Size of the Blade:

The blade size is a fundamental consideration that defines the volume and types of food that can be handled by the equipment. The blade comes in different sizes including the following:

  • 9 Inches
  • 10 Inches
  • 12 Inches
  • 13 Inches
  • 14 Inches


At times, people tend to ignore the material of the blade, however; it plays a key role like size and power. It evaluates the durability and performance. The stainless steel is the most prominent material applied to blade. The manufacturers tend to add extra metals into the mix for improving the performance of the blade in more than one area including the capability of resisting corrosion. The hollow-ground knives can be sharpened to a specific point that enhances the sharpest edge and enable the equipment to cut through most dense items in an efficient and quick manner. Another type is hard chromed blade which is normally produced with a layer of chrome offering greater hardness to the stainless steel.



Motor’s power is transferred through a gear or a belt. Gear can be more expensive as it can develop a great volume of durability and reliability. The belt-driven are not able to handle great demand and need quick maintenance. However, the price is pretty low and is easier to replace.


Just like the other equipment, a slicer’s operation is classified as automatic and manual. Automatic meat slicer can set to perform the motion automatically that pulls the item across the blade, in a long run, and hence, the labor cost can be reduced. A manual meat slicer needs lessened upfront cost but the user needs to control the slicing procedure.

Other Features:


When the sharper elements are involved, safety becomes the first priority. In order to prevent any damage or risk, you need to focus on what safety features are offered by the manufacturers.


Sanitation tends to prevent the users from any illness caused by the bacteria that can enhance rapidly on poorly controlled equipment. The slicer usually has the inherent risk that needs more caution when users clean the products. These slicers can be regarded as the complex machines, that means cleaning them needs removal of a few components and washed by hands. Generally, the components could only be removed by using a few tools. In the modern days, there is a great push in the slicers to make a lot of components that can be removed without using any tools. 

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