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Types of Name Badges & ID

With over 30 years in the business, Imprint Plus™ has become a world leader in the name badge industry creating high-quality products including reusable name badges, lanyards, and conference badges, as well as unique badge designs and accessories.

The Reusable Name Badge System

Imprint Plus™ name badge system includes everything you’ll need to create professional and eco-conscious reusable name badges. Simply use our name badge design software to create your personalized name tags and print them on our non-adhesive inserts. Putting the badge together is just as easy! Just slip one of your customized inserts face-down into one of our patented Lenscovers and snap on a badge plate.

Imprint Plus’ patented Do-It-Yourself printing system for reusable name badges will enable you to create badges for new and promoted employees in mere minutes, saving you time and money as you no longer have to purchase expensive, single-use badges.

Our reusable badges are available in a variety of sizes and shapes with two distinct price points; premium and budget friendly. The reusable name badges will look so good, no one will believe that you created them in-house!


This image displays vertical lanyards, horizontal lanyards, horizontal conference badges, and vertical conference IDs. These lanyards and conference badges are available in a variety of colours and can be personalized or branded as needed. Different types of cords, ribbons, and chains are available for the lanyards - a selection of which are displayed in this image. These conference and event lanyards are popular with event, festival, conference, tradeshow, and networking organisors.

Lanyards and Conference Badges

Creating unique convention badges and lanyards for upcoming events, trade shows, and conferences is now affordable, simple and fast.  Customize the design of your lanyard insert with graphics, individualized names, titles and color coding to allow guests and staff to quickly identify and network with one another.

Lanyards and conference badges are available in three convenient sizes featuring hard-shelled plastic covers and a ribbon lanyard necklace with reinforced metal ends. They are designed for use with the Imprint Plus™ color label badge printer system or with your own software and printer.


Imprint plus offers a wide range of hospitality and hotel name tage and name badges for receptionists, front desk staff, housekeepers, janirots, concierge staff, waiters,. bartenders and other hotel staff.

Unique Employee Name Badges and Accessories

Customize high-quality name badges to feature your company logo, employee names, and titles. Be in control of the look and feel of these badges as you create the perfect design from a wide variety of materials, size, shapes, and colors.

Supplement these badges with name badge accessories that display additional information to your clients, recognize valuable employees or celebrate what’s great about your business. Imprint Plus™ specializes in badge talkers, reward medallions, and lapel pins for these exact purposes. We sell our unique name badge add-ons with stock designs or you can work with us to customize your employee name badges to add unique flair to ordinary nametags.

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