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Micro Cotton Towels vs. Egyptian Cotton Towels
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In the world of hotels, there are big luxuries, like the white sand beaches at the $3 billion Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi or world-class golf courses in the middle of the desert at Arizona’s The Boulders.

Then there are smaller (but no less comforting) luxuries, like the feeling of stepping out of a hot shower and drying off with a fluffy cotton towel. This is an experience available to essentially any traveler, not just celebrities and billionaires.

But what kind of towels will you choose for your establishment? In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at two different types of lush, absorbent cotton towels: Egyptian cotton and MicroCotton.

Martex Eyptian Towels

What are Egyptian cotton towels?

Despite its name, Egyptian cotton originated in South America, but was imported to Egypt by that country’s ruler in the 1800s.

It is valued for its unusually long fibers, which provided added absorbency when woven into towels, but still manages to offer a luxurious feel. They are breathable, and designed for durability.

What are MicroCotton towels?

Micro Cotton Towels

MicroCotton is the trademarked name of a variety of cotton yarn laced into long loops that gives towels extra absorbency and a luxurious feel.

Although lighter than Egyptian cotton towels, towels made from MicroCotton are still voluminous and loft, and absorb quite well – at a rate up to 300 percent high than a standard ring-spun towel.

They’re snag resistant, maintaining the original structure and form of their fabric, and do not leave lint behind after washing.

Towel-Buying Tips

True Egyptian cotton or MicroCotton towels will say so on their labels. Beware of blended fabrics, which offer much less absorbency.

Cotton towels are sold according to a range of thread weights, which are measured using a term called GSM, or grams per square meter. The lower the number, the thinner the towel. A 300 GSM towel is one you might use in your kitchen. One with a GSM of 600 or higher is perfect for a hotel or spa.

Trust InnStyle for the best in Egyptian cotton and MicroCotton Towels

InnStyle is proud to carry a number of MicroCotton and Egyptian cotton towels. Our collection includes:

  • Classic Renaissance Towels – Made from the finest Egyptian combed cotton and complemented by a unique European woven border.
  • Performance Towels – Woven from the highest quality, 100 percent combed, long staple Giza Egyptian cotton, and sourced from specific areas of the Nile delta, this towel combines durability and performance with luxurious softness.
  • Lux MicroCotton Towels – The innovative yarn-spinning method used to make this towel creates a lush softness and exceptional absorbency.
  • MicroCotton Color Towels – Made from very fine cotton with a GSM of 600, this towel is soft, super absorbent and quick drying.

To learn more about our catalogue, please contact our sales team to find more products to make your guests’ stays feel more luxurious.

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