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Mattress Toppers: Keep a Feather Bed or Fiber Bed on Hand
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When you’ve been in business for more than 60 years, people come to you with questions.

For example: When would you suggest purchasing  mattress toppers for our beds?

And the answer is that a mattress topper is something hotels, vacation rentals and bed & breakfast owners should consider if they’ve just bought a new mattress, or are trying to salvage an older one.

Mattresses and mattress toppers

A mattress can be a very personal choice. Some people like sleeping on a softer mattress, others want something firm.

That’s why hospitality mattresses are made differently than the mattresses you’ll find in your local mattress store. They need to last longer, and appeal to many diverse types of people.

(For the record, we distribute mattresses from Tempur-Sealy. We believe in their brand, and know that our customers who have purchased them love them as much as their guests do.)

We would suggest having a featherbed or fiber-bed on hand to offer guests who prefer a softer mattress. Having these mattress toppers around also gives you a way to enhance an older mattress until it’s time to buy a new one. Also, a topper is considered a luxurious addition to the bed.

There are as many choices for mattress toppers as there are for mattresses. You can find mattress toppers filled with feathers, memory foam, cluster fibers, microfiber polyester and many other fillings. Many of them are hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mites.

What’s the difference between mattress toppers and mattress pads?

Mattress toppers are different from mattress pads in that they add a layer – depending on your choice of anywhere from one to five inches.

Among their benefits:

  • Mattress toppers can soften a bed that is too firm.
  • It’s a cost-effective way of adding more comfort to your beds.
  • Just like mattresses, they come in all sizes.
  • They are easy to move around.
  • Guests will sleep better and feel more energized.

Some toppers come with their own cover, which can be removed and washed. If not using a cover, you can put a deep-fitted bed sheet over the topper and mattress.

We always suggest that our customers in the hospitality industry test their mattresses by sleeping on them at least one night. You will then know if the mattress is sagging, worn or noisy.

If you are not ready to purchase a new mattress, remember that mattress toppers are an acceptable alternative. Contact InnStyle to find out more about our mattress options. Our dedicated sales team is ready to help.

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