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Mattress Sizes & Mattress Protection
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Figuring out mattress sizing can be a confusing task but we’re here with a quick guide to help simplify it and review the types of mattress protection that are available on the market.

Currently most hotels have Double (referred to in the US as “Full”), Queen, or King size mattresses. The simplest way to remember the basic measurements:

Twin & Double are both 75 inches long

Queen & King are both 80 inches long

We won’t go into specialty sizes, but since many properties have Double XL mattresses, we want to briefly clear up what XL means:

  • XL – also known as “Extra Long” refers to the mattress length, the width remains unchanged
  • Twin XL and Double XL are 80 inches long (just like Queen and King, you can probably see a pattern here)

TIP FOR REMEMBERING MATTRESS WIDTH:  A king mattress is twice as big as a twin, and a queen size is 60 inches wide, or 6 inches smaller than a double.

How to protect your mattress

Most properties will spend a good portion of their budget on mattresses with features like a double sided pillow top, so it only makes sense that you would want to protect your investment and extend its life to get a maximum return.

You probably wouldn’t buy a brand new phone and use it without a case or screen protector and that’s why isolating your mattress and box spring from all kinds of environmental and human factors is very important. We know that mattresses are a major investment and also a very important part (if not the most important) of a guest’s overall experience during an overnight stay.

There are a two different options to protect a mattress, mattress pads (or mattress protectors) and encasements.

Mattress pad types

  • Skirted (with a stretchy bottom like a fitted sheet)
  • Anchor band (secures to mattress with elastic bands on corners)
  • Water-Resistant
  • Waterproof

Mattress Encasement Types

  • Zippered Closure
  • Water-Resistant
  • Waterproof

So which one is the better choice?

Mattress Pads vs. Mattress Encasements

Spills, stains and accidents can be prevented from penetrating into the mattress with a waterproof barrier, but even waterproof mattress pads won’t help with the very real problem of bed bugs, making the choice very easy. Mattress Encasements are now a basic necessity that all properties rely on, but they are not just for mattresses. It is equally important that box springs be protected from moisture, bugs and bacteria.

A mattress protector or topper can be added to provide extra comfort for guests making it a very welcome add on to your bed layers.

The mere mention of bed bugs makes most people’s skin crawl but for a property owner it can be a devastating problem. Experts advise hotel goers to check if properties are using bed bug encasements, and to thoroughly inspect the entire room for bed bugs. Most commonly if one guestroom is infected with bed bugs then the entire property needs to be professionally fumigated and that is something most properties can’t afford financially, and not to mention if they value their reputation.

Best bang for your buck

The bottom line is that guests only want a clean, sanitary and safe sleeping environment. Providing waterproof, bed bug proof encasements on both mattress and box spring helps to fulfill this need and gives you the best price-performance ratio. For a fraction of the cost of your mattress set investment you can have complete peace of mind and bed bug protection.

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