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Logo Printed Round Tablecloths
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Logo printed round tablecloths are a great way to represent a brand at any formal event. Round tables are used to seat people at orientations, group meetings, weddings and more. When seated at round tables everyone faces each other which creates a more intimate experience. Too large of a round table and people will have to shout to the people sitting farther away.

In the following, we will discuss round tables and what they imply for everyone seated at them. We will talk about how round tables can create a more intimate atmosphere. You will also learn how to determine your round tablecloth size. Lastly, we will discuss printing on round tablecloths and explain the process.

dragon print round custom tablecloth

Custom printed round table covers. 100% polyester dye sublimated in bright vibrant colors. Display your brand, look professional, and inviting at any event.

Round Tables and People

Round tables have no head, implying that everyone who is seated has equal status. This is made evident in the tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In the tales, King Arthur used a round table to signify he and his knights were all equals.

knights at a large round table

Knights of the Round Table

Round tables create a more intimate atmosphere as they bring people together. Cocktail tables are commonly used at elegant parties, galas, lounges, and bars. They allow people to gather while not being tied down to a chair. With cocktail tables, people are able to freely move about and interact with others.

stretch round table covers on display at pool

Formal party setting with round cocktail tables.

What Size Tablecloth do you Need for a Round Table?

In order to determine your round tablecloth size, you will need to know the diameter of the table. You will also need to decide how far down you want the cover to drop on all sides. There is a simple formula to use when determining your round tablecloth size. The formula is Diameter + Drop + Drop.

In geometry, a diameter of a circle is any straight line segment that passes through the center of the circle and whose endpoints lie on the circle. It can also be defined as the longest chord of the circle.

sizing chart for round tables

Printing on Round Tablecloths

At we print on round tablecloths using the dye sublimation method. This makes for a long-lasting and durable product as the ink is fused into the fabric during the print process. With the aid of large format printers, we are able to print on the entire surface area up to 120″ round in bright, vibrant color.

Production of printed round tablecloths begins with a completely white piece of fabric cut to size. The entire piece is then printed through the sublimation method flooding the cover with color. With this print method you can print photographic images and fill the entire surface area with color. You can also print the background in any of a thousand colors.

custom printed round tablecloth

Full-color, logo printed Round tablecloth: Kids Logo

Custom Printed Round Tablecloth Styles

Whether you are setting up for a formal event, grand opening, or have prestigious clientele round tables will create a more personal experience. What better way to establish a brand at any event than by putting your mark onto the round table covers. Printing on round tablecloths is a great way to brand any company or to help set a theme.

There are many styles of round table covers, spandex stretch covers, and fabric table covers. Spandex table covers are a bit sleeker and create a modern feel whereas fabric table covers are more formal. Luckily, you can print on all styles.

stretch fitted round table covers and custom print rounds

Custom printed table covers. Dye sublimated in bright vibrant colors. Display your brand, look professional, and inviting at any event.

Now We’ve Got That Covered

In conclusion, round tables are used to create special atmospheres and bring people together. Because there is no head at the table, everyone seated is seen as an equal. Round tables are used at formal events and branding the table covers is a great way to establish a brand or message.

We learned here how to determine your round tablecloth size and how they can be dye sublimated or printed on. We also learned that there are different styles of table covers which suit different needs. For more information, please visit us at

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