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Every restaurateur, no matter where, wants their business to be unique and stand out. Understandable, anything that helps elevate their restaurant above the competition means more money in the bank. A part of that puzzle is how the staff are perceived.

An on trend hospitality uniform can go a long way to creating that special atmosphere in any restaurant. Not only will your staff look fantastic but a matching outfit helps establish a team spirit.

So, where to begin.

We find that the apron is a good starting point and can give pointers towards the type of top that will match. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and if you add in customisation, the sky’s the limit.

Whether it’s short bar, long waist or bib we can supply the aprons in cotton, poly cotton, canvas and denim. Not to mention our handmade leather apron range.

Cotton and poly cotton come in a huge range of colours so matching to a colour scheme couldn’t be simpler. These aprons are normally a lighter weight fabric and are easily branded and customised to suite.

Canvas and denim have a more narrow colour palette but are a much tougher fabric. These to come in a good range of styles and again are highly customisable.

If the leather look is more your style our own handmade British bull hide aprons are a great alternative. These tough aprons are made to order so can be easily personalised to your specifications.

Tops, shirts and t-shirts.

The styling of what your staff wear will probably be dictated mostly by the type of restaurant you run. But, in saying that the lines have become a bit blurred. Where in the past an upmarket, 5 star cordon bleu restaurant would never have considered a gingham shirt, it’s now not the case.

Likewise, your traditional pub gurb may never have thought about waistcoats but the modern tweed styles are very on trend and can be found in any type of establishment.

For coolness and comfort the humble t-shirt is always an option. Coming in more colours than a rainbow and in so many different fabrics, you’re sure to get something to compliment your surroundings.

The shirt though, is the go to item for most. You can pick from hundreds of styles, colours, patterns and materials. Whether it’s a plain white dress shirt or checked roll sleeve we can help you pick the right style.

Trousers and skirts.

Sometimes the bottom half of the uniform in an afterthought but you should take time in choosing what’s right for you. Whether it’s dress, chinos or jeans in trousers or skirts a good match is important. Not just for look but also for comfort.

Look is not everything

When designing your uniform a lot of consideration should be made for comfort. Your staff will be on their feet for most of their long shift and if their uniform is cumbersome, restrictive or too heavy your staff’s productivity will suffer.

Attention should be made to the environment they are working in and the right garments carefully picked.

Don’t forget the Chefs

Just because the majority of chefs are out of view it doesn’t mean they should be an after thought. A quality chefs jacket is a must in the kitchen, protecting staff from those inevitable spills and hot pans.

These to come in a variety of styles. From the standard chef whites to the new trendy denim look. Matched with black or checked baggy trouser and hat you have a stylish but practical uniform for your kitchen staff.

Branding and customisation.

I’ve mentioned customisation and you’d be surprised at how a uniform look can be changed with a simple apron halter change or shirt collar modification. Whether it’s apron pocket positions and tie styles or shirt roll sleeves and piping a small change can really make a big difference. Making the standard into something unique.

Embroidery, print and embossing are the final stage and this too adds to the uniform exclusivity.

Over 21 years experience.

We have been in the business a long time and over the years have picked up a few tricks. We can help you through the process. It could be a full uniform revamp or just a new shirt, our staff will be happy to help.

So, why not give us a call on 0800 756 0837 to have a chat or just drop us an email. Or check out our Urban Uniform Range here.

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