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KitchenAid Commercial Planetary Mixer K5 in Red 4.8 Litre Empire Red
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This mixer is perfect for the use of and restaurant, hotel and bars that need to mix food. This is ideal for making cakes quickly and easily.

KitchenAid Heavy Duty 4.8 Litre Planetary Mixer is the stalwart of its mixer range and is quiet, stable, durable and powerful. Designed for use in todays busy commercial premises it can easily handle medium to large quantities of food. The heavy duty full metal construction build quality is second to none.

The unit comes with a 1-Piece pouring shield to make adding ingredients easy. This machine can be used to mix Dough (2.0kg), Mashed Potato (2.7kg), Cake Mix (2.7kg), Cream (1.0L), Eggs (12 medium) and enough cookie mix to make about 108 cookies (2 inch diameter)


Quiet 315 watt high efficiency direct drive motor (0.26HP)

Mechanical and Electronic 10 speed (60 to 265 rpm)

4.8L Stainless Steel bowl with handle and plastic bowl cover

1-Piece pouring shield to make adding ingredients easy

Easy to use bowl lift lever

Full metal body construction

Mixing Accessories supplied: Dough Hook and Flat Beater in aluminium with a non-stick white nylon coating which are dishwasher safe. Also a stainless steel and aluminium Wire Whisk which is not dishwasher safe.

Single hub for optional attachments

Overload reset button

UK plug fitted

The Warranty for KitchenAid appliances is handled directly by their own specialised service department on 0845 601 1287

Product Ref: 5KPM5BER

Useful Documents:
K5 user manual (981.2kb)
AOL Warranty Terms Document662 (1276.5kb)
Power    220-240v 50/60Hz 315W 1.4amp UK Plug
Volume    4800 ml (4.8 litres)
Warranty    1 Year Manufacturers Workshop Warranty
Width    264 mm (26.4 cm)
Depth    338 mm (33.8 cm)
Height    411 mm (41.1 cm)

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