Importance of Toilet Cleaning Products in Protecting Student Health and Business Opportunities

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Hygienic space is a basic right that schools are expected to provide their students. It is important because schools are where children gather and spend at least six hours daily (sometimes more), during which time they are certain to come in contact with each other physically. For example hold hands, hug, share furniture, share pencils/pens/books/toilet seats and even in extreme cases share clothes. These are all some of few touch points where diseases are transmitted easily from students to students. Maintaining cleanliness in schools, therefore, should be a top priority concern for school managers.

Maintaining Cleaning Standards in Schools to Protect Student Health

Maintaining cleanliness in schools can be a really difficult task, considering that many students, especially those in lower classes are too young to understand the basics of living a hygienic lifestyle. It is therefore imperative for the school’s administration to take the initiative and ensure that all touch points for diseases transmission are kept sanitised with commercial cleaning supplies.

Educating the students on hygiene is a great way to prevent diseases transmission but more importantly, schools should take up health and safety cleaning in schools as a routine process. If the school has a hostel, then it should apply the same standards to ensure that all bathrooms, floor, wall, bedding, furniture, computer keyboards, kitchen utensils, and dining spaces are regularly cleaned with appropriate commercial cleaning supplies.

Establishing school cleaning procedures is the first step to maintaining cleanliness in schools. This can be done by distributing a written instruction to the maintenance staff clearly spelling out what types of cleaning solutions to use and for what purpose and what intervals – school toilets may require that it be cleaned 2/3 times a day and classroom floor just one time a day.

Finding the Best Toilet Cleaner Manufacturers

Not all detergent company manufacture commercial cleaning supplies are made equal. What may work for a home may not be appropriate for a public place like a school for example. There are again plenty of cleaning supplies that serve only a specific purpose. Broadly the different types of commercial cleaning supplies may be classified based on the purpose, such as:

  1. Toilet/bathroom cleaning
  2. Fabric washing/fabric softener
  3. Furniture/glass-pane cleaning
  4. Car/school van wash solutions
  5. Hand wash, and so on

Substituting one for the other is not a good practice. A liquid toilet cleaner for example is not a fit for hand wash that is expected to be mild with more germicides; likewise a hand wash solution may not give the desired result for washing fabrics and beddings. Thus choosing the right cleaning solution for the right purpose may be a problem when you order a detergent company for supplies.

The right thing to do is to contact toilet cleaner manufacturers or their dealers/distributors of repute and enquire their school cleaning products ranges. Whichever manufacturers you may choose, always go for liquids; they are generally easy to handle and measure before it is put it to use. The trend is towards liquid commercial supplies as against a cake type. This is the general observation in retail stores across the world. It is a good idea to prepare a school cleaning supplies list and give your vendors a supply programme so that you never run short of supplies.

Opportunities for School Cleaning Products – in Business Perspective

The opportunities that school cleaning products offer businesses are really vast and there is no school that does not follow a routine for maintaining cleanliness in school. If you are an established business or a solo entrepreneur on the lookout for a product line that will rake in good profits, then commercial cleaning supplies are for you are assured of an established market, you are serving a noble cause and the profits are generally decent.

The first step towards realising this opportunity is contacting a detergent company for cleaning products and talking to them about becoming a distributor or a dealer. Ask them to show their product ranges (the more the better), bulk supply discounts, product guarantees, existing distribution channels and what quantity they can supply. There may be a few issues that need to be sorted, but that is often minimal.

Savoncare is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of domestic and commercial cleaning products. We formulate sophisticated products and make sure we adhere to the strictest of safety standards.

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