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How to use the broom and mop correctly
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In the daily life of the family. When we clean up the hygiene of our home, we use brooms and mops. Most of us think that brooms and mops are very common daily necessities that can help our home become cleaner. It is used to clean the broom and mop, but it is also the hardest hit by bacteria.

How many brooms are there for cleaning in your home? Does every room have its own broom, or does the whole family use a broom? Maybe the broom in our house looks very clean, but you know, the amount of dander and dust mites that are hidden in the hair and the body are actually beyond your imagination. When we feel that there is dust in the house and need to be cleaned with a broom, it seems to make the home quieter, but what you don’t know is that the dust in the room will become thicker because of the action of sweeping the floor. The air in the whole room has become more turbid.

As a household item that is so common in our lives, after we cleaned the floor with a broom, it seems that the entire interior is neat and tidy, but this is just a superficial phenomenon. You will also notice that there is a lot of dust in the air after sweeping the floor with the broom. These clouds of dust contain a lot of them, which can easily lead to people not breathing well and some bacteria that are easy to cause infection. These clouds of dust, which are raised in the indoor air, can directly cause hidden dangers in some of our diseases because the dust that is raised in the air is very easy to be inhaled into the body as we breathe.

Although our human nasal cavity has a certain barrier function against dust and bacteria, the bacteria and microorganisms that can be excluded from the nasal cavity are also limited. It is the dust of more than ten microns in size that can be excluded from the nasal cavity, and smaller particles. Dust is directly inhaled into our respiratory system. Over time, it may cause a lot of inflammation in the respiratory tract and may even trigger asthma. When these tiny clouds of dust are invaded into the body, they will deposit in the alveoli of our lungs, gradually eroding our body, causing symptoms such as bronchitis.

The mop is even more exaggerated. Everyone’s common habit is to use a broom to sweep the ground and sweep away the floating ash. Then use the mop to drag the whole floor of the house. Most of the dust swept out by the broom is dry dust, and the mop has many harmful bacteria attached to it, and it is difficult to remove it. After mopping the floor with a mop, many of us brought it from the outside to the home, and the harmful germs on the ground were attached to the mop. And the mop will be in a damp state for a long time, which is very conducive to the proliferation and growth of these bacteria.

Common bacteria that are easily attached to the mop, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, Shigella, and the like. These germs are attached to the mop and then re-distributed to the air in the home after extensive reproduction, making them susceptible to infection. The infection of these germs may even be fatal to some children and the elderly who have relatively weak resistance.

Some friends who may have asked, if the mop used to clean the house is so dangerous, how should the hygiene at home be handled?

Here, of course, we must give you some safe and hygienic methods of using brooms and mops.

1. We should have more brooms in our homes. It is best to have a separate broom in each individual room for separate use. This can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria in different rooms.

2. When sweeping the floor, we can put the used old stockings on the broom and then clean the ground. Because stockings are prone to static electricity, the hair and dust on the ground can easily stick to the surface of the stockings when sweeping the floor. After cleaning the ground, you can directly throw away the stockings on the broom.

3. Generally, after using more plastic brooms that we use now, we can simply rinse them with water, then put the broom under the sun for a while until it is dry, so that even if the broom is cleaned, At the same time, it is equivalent to using the ultraviolet rays in the sun to disinfect the entire broom once.

4. Thoroughly clean and wash the broom at regular intervals. The way to wash the broom is to add some bleaching powder to the water. The ratio of the two is about 100:1. Then wash it in this bleach solution and you’re done.

5. When mopping the floor with a mop, you can sprinkle some low-concentration bleach or potassium permanganate on the ground. This will kill most of the bacteria on the ground during the mopping process, and it can effectively prevent most bacteria from sticking to the mop.

6. After using the mop, be sure to rinse the mop thoroughly with clean water. Many people will think that I will clean the mop before using it. After using it, I can just put it there. It is wrong. After cleaning the floor, be sure to thoroughly clean the mop and then put it in the sun. The place is exposed to dryness, so as to effectively prevent bacteria from being contaminated on the mop for breeding and reproduction.

7. Never put the used mop in the corner of the bathroom. The environment of the bathroom itself is moist and warm, it is easy to breed bacteria, and then put the mop contaminated with the bacteria on the ground of the whole house into the bathroom. The bacteria are even more As the fish begin to grow, everyone must pay attention to this.

8. The mop at home must also be disinfected regularly. It is best to clean it thoroughly after each use. When disinfecting the mop, we can use the solution of blending water with water and water. The content can be between 1% and 5%. After the solution is blended, put the whole mop in agriculture for about half an hour. That’s it. Alternatively, the concentration of the bleaching liquid can be used between 5% and 10%. It is also necessary to put the entire mop in, soak for half an hour to an hour or so. This will effectively achieve the effect of sterilization.

Brooms and mops are all very important and very common daily necessities for our daily housework and cleaning up the home environment. I believe that everyone who uses these two items is very hardworking and hopes that the living environment in our home will be more clean and comfortable. But don’t let us ignore the two daily cleaning products, but make the home environment more dangerous, so be sure to clean them up and use them properly.

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