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How to Get Blood Out of Sheets
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As stains go, blood is one of the worst.

It’s easy to see a blood stain and feel like Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, driven to the brink of madness by that spot that…just…won’t…come…out.

But getting blood stains out of hotel bed sheets doesn’t have to feel like an impossible task. Whether the stain is fresh or has had time to soak in overnight, there are numerous methods for restoring your sheets to pristine condition.

How to get fresh blood out of sheets

1. Rinse the stain ASAP

If you’re trying to get blood out of sheets when the stain is still fresh, start by rinsing the stain under cold water. It must be cold. Hot water will cause the stain to set in. From there, you can try to treat the stain with one of the methods described below.

2. Hydrogen peroxide

Apply hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain and wait up to 20-25 minutes. From there, lightly pat the residue with a paper towel. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide on hand, club soda or white vinegar will also work.

3. Ammonia-based window cleaner

Just spray this cleaner onto the stain, wait 15 minutes, and rinse with cold water.

4. Diluted ammonia

Glass cleaner helps remove blood stains from sheets

For heavier stains, fill a spray bottle with a cup of water and a tablespoon of ammonia. Close the bottle and shake it to mix, then spray the mixture onto the stain.

Wait 30-60 minutes, blot up whatever residue remains with a clean washcloth, then put the sheets in the washer on cold.

You may want to avoid this method with colored sheets, as the ammonia can cause the fabric to fade.

5. Baking soda paste

Here’s another mixture: add one part baking soda to two parts water to make a paste. Add water to the stain, then rub in the paste and let the sheet dry, preferably in the sun. Brush away the residue and wash the sheet in cold water. If you don’t have baking soda, talcum powder or cornstarch will do.

Dish soap and salt to remove blood stains from sheets6. Salt and dish soap

Add two tablespoons of salt to a tablespoon of liquid dish soap or shampoo. Make the blood stain damp with cold water, then let it soak in the soap/salt mixture. Wait 15 minutes to half an hour, then rinse the stain out using cold water.

7. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water

Hydrogen peroxide to eliminate blood stains

This method is best suited for getting blood out of sheets made from a cotton/polyester blend. Fill a spray bottle with 1 part baking soda, 1 part hydrogen peroxide and ½ part water. (Again, this needs to be COLD water.)

Shake the bottle up to mix the ingredients, spray, and wait five minutes before rinsing. Repeat these steps twice before the sheets go in the laundry.

When putting the stained sheets in the laundry, wash in cold water with a mild detergent and on a normal cycle.

Get the sheets out of the wash right away and let them air dry or hang outside in the sun. If the blood stains don’t come out the first time, continue treating and washing them. Once the blood stain is out, you can put the sheets in the dryer.

How to get dried blood out of sheets

1. Soak the sheet in cold water overnight

Cold water will help loosen dried blood. You can also wash the sheets in the washer on cold with a mild detergent. This may not remove the stain, but it will loosen the blood. Follow this step with any of the treatments we describe below.

2. White vinegar

Fill a bowl with vinegar and soak the stain. Wait 30 minutes, then wash the sheet on cold.

3. Meat tenderizer and water

This is another paste mixture, made from two teaspoons of cold water and a tablespoon of meat tenderizer. Spread the paste onto the stain and work it into the fabric. Wait 30-60 minutes, brush the paste away and wash the sheets on cold.

4. Borax and water

Borax and water to get dried blood stains out

This is for extra-resilient stains. Soak the sheets in a mix of borax and water (the instructions on the borax container will tell you how much to use). Let the sheets soak for several hours, or even overnight. Rinse them out in cold water the next day and hang them to dry.

We also recommend – and carry – 1000+ Stain Remover to remove blood. With 1000+, you’ll just need to soak the sheet in cool water for a few hours, apply the cleaner, work it into the fabric, flush with cool water, reapply and wash it in the laundry.

InnStyle also carries Espro Stain Remover. Like 1000+, it works not just on blood, but on other tough stains like grass, paint and food.

If you have any questions about getting blood stains out with these or any other products, contact InnStyle today at 800-877-4667 to learn more. Our sales team looks forward to helping you find a product that will get your sheets looking their best.

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