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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
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You pride yourself on having a neat, well-organized linen closet, with all your towels, washcloths, sheets and pillowcases cleanly squared away.

Then it comes time to fold a fitted sheet, and all bets are off.

As housekeeping chores go, this one can feel like a wrestling match, only your opponent is a squid, or a puff of smoke.

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But we’re here to tell you this seemingly impossible task really isn’t that impossible. Read on to learn how to fold a fitted sheet.

  1. Hold the sheet inside. Put your hands into the corners of one of the shorter sides of the sheet.
  2. Bring your hands together, wrapping the right hand corner over the left hand corner. The part that’s showing should be right side out.
  3. Use your hand to follow the elastic downward to prevent it from becoming twisted and grasp the corner that’s hanging in the front at the bottom.
  4. Bring that bottom corner up
  5. Fold that corner over the corners in your left hand so that it’s now inside out.
  6. Repeat the previous two steps with the fourth corner, which should now be facing the correct side out.
  7. Put the sheet onto a flat surface. It should be square – more or less – with the elastic at the top, making an L-shape.
  8. Fold the sheet into thirds or fourths depending on sheet size, then thirds or fourths again and it’s ready for your linen closet.

Another method for folding a fitted sheet

If that method doesn’t work out, you can also follow these steps to fold a fitted sheet:

  1. Lay the sheet flat.
  2. Grab the ends of the corners closest to you.
  3. Line up the corner seams with the seams at the opposite end of the sheet.
  4. Fold the left side corner to your right hand side.
  5. Punch your hand into the right side corner to make a square.
  6. When you have a square, lay your sheet flat and fold it into thirds or fourths depending on sheet size.
  7. Fold it into thirds or fourths once more to get a crisp, clean sheet that won’t take up too much space in your linen closet.

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You can prevent wrinkles by following these steps as soon as your fitted sheets emerge from the dryer.

OK, so I tried having someone follow the written instructions above, they got lost, frustrated and that’s when I decided only a video would really help. I found this video ( on YouTube and thought it did a pretty good job of showing you how it is done. NOTE: If an advertisement comes up, there is a Skip Ad button on the lower right side of the video which will take you directly to the how to video.

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