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How to Choose the Best Fit Bathrobe for Men and Women?
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Online shopping offers so many benefits to buyers, from the convenience of never leaving the house to the incredible selection of choices. But if there's one thing that still seems intimidating about the online shopping process, it's sizing charts.

Many people shop for robes and other clothing in-store just to have access to the fitting rooms, fearing that the sizing chart won't be accurate for them. But CottonAge has set up a detailed, easy-to-use size chart that makes finding the perfect size a breeze.

The Sizing Guide

CottonAge's size guide includes the three basic robe styles plus their two towel/wrap sizes as well. The guides are further broken down by section (either by the sub-type of robe or into Adults, Kids, etc.), and finally by measurement.

Finding Your Measurements

The single most important thing you can do to ensure you order the perfect size robe is to take your personal measurements. Don't guess, especially if you've never measured before. And don't worry – unlike being fitted by a tailor, the process is extremely simple. All you need is a measuring tape.

What measurements will you need to know? Cottonage uses just six to help you get the most comfortable fit. They are:

  • Length – measured from the center back of the neck to the hem of the robe.
  • Width – this is the circumference of the bathrobe skirt.
  • Chest – the width of the back chest area from left armpit to right armpit. (Only back side, not complete circle)
  • Sleeve – this is measured from the shoulder seam to the cuff of the sleeve.
  • Cuff – the size of the cuff after the 'wrist' seam.
  • Belt – this is the length of the robe's belt.

Sizing your robe

Now that you understand how the robes are measured, finding out which robe will fit you best is easy.

How Bathrobes Fit

Like all quality robes, CottonAge’ bathrobes are designed to fit comfortably – not too tight and not overly loose. An ideal bathrobe fit means that your robe won't constantly be sliding off of your shoulders (too large) and that you won't be continually re-adjusting your belt to keep it closed (too small). It should stay on your body easily but be loose enough that you can lounge.

Some people order a size larger than they need because they want extra length in the hem or sleeve, but you won't need to. Because CottonAge has a wide variety of styles with varying lengths and proportions, you won't need to sacrifice proper size for the length you want. Small size is for those who are petite or like to wear a short robe. One size fits most is the most preferred size which refers to an American Large size. XXL is the plus size option for those who prefer a much more loose and comfy fit.

Sizing Your Robe

With that in mind, you can begin comparing your measurements to the size guide. For example, the Terry Velour Shawl Robe in a small-medium size has a sleeve length of 18''. Measuring from where the sleeve seam would be (usually at the top of the arm – not the shoulder), can show you how an 18'' sleeve would fit on your arm. Does it fit well? Excellent, now check the rest of the measurements. If not, go to the next size up and check that length.

Measuring Women’s Size

To find better womens bathrobe for your body and preferences, first get a plain cloth or bath sheet and measure the all dimensions that you pick from CottonAge’ size guide. For length, hold the sized sheet from your neck down and see if this length is acceptable for you. Do the same thing for waist and chest area. You will have better understanding by seeing the measurements done on yourself. Sleeve length is not necessarily a problem because you will have an option to make it shorter by folding it.

Measuring Men’s Size

When it comes to mens bathrobes, picking a men size is easier than a women size. Key measurements for men are length and chest. Follow the same tips as measuring womens size above. Be careful, chest size on the CottonAge’ size guide only includes back size armpit to armpit. Give at least a 3-5 inch margin to your exact body measurement so you can comfortably lounge in your new robe.

So you see, with this simple size guide the perfect fit is always just a single click away. You can also find our general sizing table on each product page below Add to Cart button.

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