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How to choose a mattress protector that can help you sleep well
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There is a variety of mattress protectors in the market. In order to use it safely and comfortably, We could choose it based on the following 4 points.

  1. Absorbency of fabric: If wecan not absorb night sweat etc. quickly, it becomes sticky and makes you feel uncomfortable. The absorbency of the fabric influences the sticky feeling

There are three types of mattress protector fabrics:

  • like water off a duck’s back
  • Water-repellent finish
  • High density weave processing

  • Waterproof mattress protector,made of water-repellent material fabric is not recommended because it is not easily absorbed by the fabric, and it is difficult to sleep easily.
  • Mattress protector,made of high density woven fabrics are not recommended because they are not waterproof and can not protect the mattress from dirt. Mattress Protector, made of Cotton and Tencelwaterproof fabrics are recommended because they are highly absorbent and comfortable to use.
  • However, if you put a pad or the like on the mattress protector, I think it may be a waterproof protector made of polyester material.
  1. Moisture permeability of the fabric: Even if it is waterproof, if there is no moisture permeability, a sense of stuffiness will occur and the comfort will be worse.

Waterproof fabrics are easy to wear on their own.

However, although good in quality, it is waterproof, but it has moisture permeability, that means, it has the property of being difficult to release steam.

In other words, while not passing night sweats and mattresses, sweat (vaporization heat) as steam is hard to accumulate in the bed, so you can rest with peace of mind and a smooth feeling with less stuffiness.

If you are aiming for a more comfortable sleep, it is a point that should be one of the guidelines.

3.Laundry Durability: Given the hygienic point of view, it must be durable enough to withstand frequent washing.

Proper washing frequency changes depending on how you use the mattress protector, but washing once with a washing machine once a week may be enough for hygiene of the sleeping environment.

So make sure that your laundry is durable and that the product is well-stitched.

Also, if possible, it is desirable that the washing machine is compatible with high temperature (60 ° C). Because

“Similarly, when the house dust mites were put in a plastic bag and heated to 50 ° C., they died within 10 minutes”.(Citation: “Study on ecology and control of house-dwelling mites (8)” by Yoshikawa Yu

It is because reports have been reported that firefly mites, which account for the majority of mites lurking in beds, can be cured with heat of 50 ° C or higher.

Therefore, even if ticks and tick eggs lurking on the mattress are attached to the mattress protector, they are killed by high-temperature washing.

Waterproof structure: Depending on the structure will be difficult to clean and wash. Be careful when the side is waterproof.

The waterproof range of the mattress protector varies as the below:

Surface and side are waterproof

The entire surface is waterproof

Only part of the surface is waterproof

It depends on the purpose of using the mattress protector, but it is generally decided that only the surface which a person falls on is waterproof.

The reason is that there are not many cases of getting wet or dirty to the side. Also, when the sides are waterproof and dry after washing, it is very difficult to dry the corners of the protector because water is accumulated in the corners.

You may have understood that mattress protectors are essential to maintain a clean sleeping environment, as mattresses can be more dirty than you might imagine.

In addition, we recommend that you wear mattress protectors carefully and use them from the perspective of using limited resources for longer and longer.

  • How to clean your bedding
  • Recommended bedding and how to choose, hygiene management know-how and knowledge

Have you ever had a chance to stain your mattress with a bad night sweat, sudden bleeding, etc?

A mattress can not be washed with a home washing machine, and can not be put out to a cleaning shop, and if you ask a professional cleaning company for cleaning, it will cost much more money .

However, there are ways to prevent these liquid stains and keep the mattress hygienic .That is the highest quality waterproof sheets ” Smartex ” introduced by the world’s top hotels .

  • High quality that waterproofness does not decline even if 50 times of washing tests are done.
  • Despite waterproofness, water vapor passes through and it is comfortable and hard to breathe. It has an overwhelming breathability of 50g / m2 • h.
  • A flexible, ultra-thin 0.02 mm waterproof membrane that does not impair the feeling of use of the mattress.

If you suffer from dirt / hygiene on mattresses or bedding, Our mattress protector should dramatically improve your sleep quality.

If you would like any more information please visit our website: Or Spring Hometextile video channel: can contact Tina at:

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