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How to Buy Outdoor Furniture for Your Hotel or Restaurant
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Buying outdoor furniture for hotels or restaurants involves a bit of a juggling act.

No, we’re not saying you need to literally juggle a bunch of tables and chairs. This the metaphorical kind of juggling, requiring you to find the right mix of appearance, functionality, and durability.

And if you’re going to be entertaining guests outdoors – whether it’s at a hotel, B&B or vacation rental – you’ll want to make sure your exterior furniture is as comfortable as your indoor collection.

Before you buy, here are the three key factors you’ll need to consider.

1. Material

Outdoor umbrella

Again, this is a juggling act, where you’ll need to consider durability, versatility and comfort. Among the more popular materials for outdoor furniture for restaurants and hotels are wood, metal and rattan.

Wood is and easy to clean, typically weather resistant, and denser woods such as teak can resist rot and decay. Wood furniture can also be quite beautiful when its well-maintained.

Rattan’s tight weaves make it extra-comfortable, but you’ll want to make sure it’s protected from the elements with a patio umbrella.

Aluminum offers you a lightweight furniture choice that’s easy to arrange and rearrange. And cast aluminum resists rust, allowing you to use it in any climate.

2. Size and space

Aquaba 48

Not every table will work in every space. Your outdoor dining tables need to make room for all your guests, while leaving enough room for diners and employees to move around.

If you have a smaller patio or deck, you may want to consider a bistro-style dining set – one table, two chairs. Rounded tables are also an option, as they can fit more people. If you have a more expansive outdoor space, you can go with a large rectangular table.

3. Table tops

Wooden table tops require the least work, as they can be wiped clean with some mild soap. Metal can be even easier to clean, but metal tables can become uncomfortably hot after some time in the sun, so keep them in the shade, or under a patio umbrella.

Glass tabletops are pretty and easy to clean, but also fragile, so use them in covered areas, and move them indoors during colder months.

Any search for outdoor furniture for hotels should include a stop at InnStyle, which has spent more than six decades helping innkeepers outfit their properties.

Our patio furniture selection includes:

  • The Aquaba Round Pedestal Table – This four-foot round table is made from 100 percent prime resin with a decorative wood finish for scratch and wear resistance. Easy to clean and impervious to salt air, chlorine and food stains.
  • The Windmaster Round Fiberglass Umbrella – Keep your guests and your furniture cool with this heavy-duty umbrella, built to withstand unpredictable winds. Available in custom canopy colors to match any décor and landscaping.
  • The Chaise Cushion with Hood – Designed for comfort and low maintenance, this lounge chair combines the soft feel of indoor fabrics with the durability of outdoor furniture for hotels. It absorbs no moisture and is easy to clean.
  • To learn more about our outdoor furniture collection, contact the InnStyle sales team. We’ll be happy to find something that works for you and your guests.

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