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How the Right Pillow Helps Us Sleep
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Choosing the right pillow for your hotel, inn, vacation rental or B&B can present a challenge. You’re catering to all kinds of people, and that means catering to all kinds of sleepers.

What is the best pillow for back sleepers? What about side sleepers? What’s the best pillow for neck pain? There are a lot of questions.

Read on for our guide on how to choose a pillow.

1. What pillow fill should I pick?

Upside Down Pillow

There are several different materials you can use to fill a pillow, all of which have their pluses and minuses. Among the most common are:

  • Down pillows – Made from either goose or duck feathers, these pillows are soft and light. One drawback is that many people are allergic to down, although you can purchase hypo-down pillows which are hypoallergenic. We should also point out there are other options for people allergic to down — allergy-proof pillow protectors such as Bed Care Pillow Protectors and Clean Rest Pro Pillow Protectors. Both of these options block allergens.
  • Down Alternative Pillows–Less expensive than natural down, these pillows replicate the experience of a down pillow but without the down-related allergenic reactions and usually at a fraction of the cost of a down pillow. These pillows are also available in different fill levels.
  • Polyester fill – Another inexpensive pillow option, they are less soft than down, and will need regular replacement.
  • Memory foam – This material molds itself to your shape, making it a good choice for people who deal with neck pain. One drawback: Some memory foam pillows absorb heat, which can become uncomfortable. Look for higher quality memory foam pillows that have built-in ventilation.
  • Latex – Firmer than down pillows, these still provide a lot of comfort. Contoured pillows that provide head and neck support are often made from latex.

While the material inside the pillow is important, be sure to consider these other factors as well.

2. The size of the pillow

A good pillow should allow sleepers to sleep with their heads, necks and shoulders aligned with their spine, while also providing comfort. Pillows should always fit their pillowcases. Cramming a larger pillow in a smaller case can distort the shape of the pillow and make it tough to sleep.

3. The shape of the pillow

Sure, most pillows have the same shape, but you can find specialty pillows – such as cervical and contour pillows – to help with neck and back pain.

Matching sleep positions to pillow types

The position in which people sleep can make a difference with the type of pillow they need. Let’s look at how you can match pillows to different sleeping positions.

What’s the best pillow for side sleepers?

People who sleep on their side will likely need a thick and firm pillow, matching the distance from the ear to the outer shoulder.

Soft Pillow Primaloft

What’s the best pillow for stomach sleepers?

Guests who sleep on their bellies should have a softer pillow, or perhaps go without a pillow, at least for their head. Stomach sleepers can sleep with a pillow beneath their midsection to prevent back pain.

What’s the best pillow for back sleepers?

People who tend to sleep on their back should go with a flat pillow to align their head and neck. A pillow that’s too soft can lead to neck pain in the morning.

Matching the mattress to the pillow

The type of pillow your guests need can also depend on the type of mattresses you have. A firmer mattress requires a softer pillow, and vice versa.

The right pillow can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and eight hours of tossing and turning. Let InnStyle help you give your guests the comfort they need with our pillow menu, which includes pillows for every sleep position that  we’ve named.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about how we can give your guests a good night’s rest.

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