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How do you choose electrical equipment for Hotel rooms?
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Decisions such as, what beds should you provide, and what bed linen would make the customer feel comfortable, what toiletries would the customers love, what soft luxurious towels should we choose. All of these can ensure you can make the customer feel like they home away from home.

But perhaps we think the greatest challenge is the electrical equipment. With such a long list of appliances, many of them essentials, and with numerous safety considerations to take into account, where do you even begin?

Here, we have provided a link to all our products within this simple basic guide:


A widely known fact that electrical equipment, from a legal and safety standpoint cannot be in the bathroom but what separates regular hairdryers from hotel-grade? Well it’s the way the switch works. While our home hairdryers can be left on indefinitely, hotel hairdryers require the user to keep a button pressed to make it work - eliminating the risk of leaving it blasting hot air into a pile of bedding.

Another great choice are folding hairdryers, they are another great space saver allowing them to be put away in a drawer when not in use and also the option of an anti-theft setup.


Hotel kettles are at their best when presented as part of a welcome tray set. Tray sets with built-in kettle bases will provide protection from those kettles that tend to leave the room. To keep energy costs down, consider a 0.5 litre kettle, although a 1 litre capacity variety is ideal for larger, multiple-occupancy rooms.


If security is a consideration, we recommend ironing centres, for the simple reason that it is difficult to separate the iron from its accompanying ironing board. All irons in hotels are required by law to possess automatic switch-off functionality in the event of inactivity, eliminating the threat of overheating. As such, the switch-off capability should be tested regularly as part of your hotel’s ongoing safety checks.


The hotel market demands that a safe should, at the very least be spacious enough to hold a small laptop. Make sure that there is a program master code for use by hotel management and an override key for emergency opening. 

Minibars & Fridges

Every good hotel room needs a minibar or fridge. The very sight of one is a source of delight and makes a guest feel welcomed as they unpack. Ensuring that any minibar or fridge is an A+ energy efficiency index is your starting point. Another handy tip is to ensure that it is nearly silent running so that it doesn’t disturb sleep is a must in this situation.

Clock Radio

Many guests will need to rise early. While you may offer the service for a good old-fashioned wake-up call, most guests prefer being able to schedule the early start themselves.

Some hotel-friendly clocks offer a distinctly modern bonus of a USB socket; in a technological world that we live in it is almost essential in this day and age.

Telephone Handsets

Analogue handsets are still generally an expected part of the hotel room configuration. Certainly, their sole function may well be for phoning down to reception. Nevertheless, simply making this inexpensive technology available makes guest feel safe and connected.

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