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Hotel Room Energy Management System
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Whether you’re operating an independent hotel, or a hotel chain, the Guesttec hotel energy management system offers many benefits, including:

Reduced energy consumption and utility costs normally wasted on empty rooms
Regulated room temperature control according to guest preference

Instant access to real-time occupancy data for review by managers and owners from any wireless connection

Streamlined housekeeping efficiency and reduced guest disturbances. Heightened security including unreported occupancy detection

Easy integration with existing HVAC system (no need to build a new network). Increased evacuation efficiency in case of emergency

Recognition that you’re doing your part to reduce your impact on the environment by operating a green hotel
Get your hotel energy management under control for as little as 1/3 the cost of competitor products
Guesttec RMS Introduction:
RMS or GRMS, namely Guestroom Management System, is the smart control system used by modern hotels to control  guestroom in-room devices and provide ups to date services to guests.
STABLE: With independent self-research, production, sales and support, stable system running is guaranteed. With the design of one module one CPU , the system is strong and steady. With every components strictly tested , a long life is ensured.Multiple protection , zero-maintenance design , an industry first.
COMFORTABLE:   By intelligent technology and humanized design, all the operations are easy to handle. Combining the lights with the curtain will bring you a warm atmosphere as home. Also air-condition systems will create a fresh and comfortable environment for the guest. Smartphone controlling platform, brings the guest a comfortable experience.
ENERGY SAVING: By the intelligent air-condition, curtain and exhaust fan control, saving the energy and reducing the operation cost will come true.
By the card-insert module, infrared sensor and door-magnet sensor, we can control the light,socket and resist the wasting. Energy counting and facilities checking helps the hotel save energy and reduce the human cost.
EFFICIENT:  Request for service (SOS, washing, cleaning, check-out) will be sent to Guest-service center timely to serve the guests speedily and efficiently. Guest room control systems can monitor and manager the server daily work efficiently.
INNOVATION: First created smartphone platform, booking, payment, selecting room, check-in, unlocking , room-control and check-out, all in one package service. With creative design and best resources in this area, hotel’s individual requirements will be satisfied. Firstly created the one package check-in service.

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