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Hotel Housekeeping - Guest Supplies
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It is the most important duty of the housekeeping staff to prepare the guest room and the other places in the hotel so that the guest is most comfortable. Due to this, the housekeeping staff places some necessary supplies in the guest rooms and guest bathrooms. The idea behind is, the guest need not pack and carry each and every essential article while travelling.

As per the hotel policy, and the standard of the room, the lists of these supplies may change. The housekeeping staff needs to ensure that those supplies are kept in appropriate numbers and condition while preparing room for guest check-in.

Let us see more on the guest supplies.

List of Supplies for Guest Room

The guest room supplies are considered as guest essentials. The housekeeping staff places the following standard supplies in the guest room −

  • Furniture − It includes bed, bedside table, chairs, wardrobe with locker facility, writing table, dressing table, center table, and a magazine holder.

  • Bedding − It includes mattress, bed sheet, bed cover, quilt, quilt cover, pillows, and pillow cases.

  • Bedside Supplies − They include non-slip mats on the either sides of the bed.

  • Bedside Table Supplies − They involve a telephone device, and a printed compiled list of important intercom numbers such as reception, restaurant, and laundry of the hotel. The housekeeping staff also provides a copy of Bible, Geeta, or Koran, depending upon the prior knowledge of the guest’s religious orientation.

  • Center Table Supplies −It includes room service, laundry service, and spa and health club rate cards. It also has an ash tray and a small decorative center piece.

  • Clothing and Clothing Care − It involves bathrobe, coffee table cover, rocking chair cover, and hangers for clothes and ties.

  • Hospitality Tray − It is a small tray with compartments that holds sachets of coffee, tea, cocoa powder, creamer, and sugar. Some hotels also offer the sachets of condiments like black and white pepper powder, and salt. They also keep an electric kettle, a couple of cups, saucers, spoons, and water bottle so that the guest can make the beverage of his choice once in a day.

  • Mini Bar Supplies − It includes a small personal refrigerator filled with a couple of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, soda, and ice cubes. It also involves a couple of personal servings of salted peanuts, cashew nuts, or chips.

  • Writing Desk Supplies − A writing pad, a pencil, an eraser, promotional brochures, La carte menu, and the short list of places of historical and commercial importance in the city for guest’s reference.

List of Supplies for Guest Bathroom

They are also considered as guest essentials. The guests are expected to use these supplies or take them away on departure. Depending upon the type of room, the list of supplies for guest bathroom are −

  • Bathroom Attachments − Bath area with shower and handheld shower attachments, a bath tub with hot-cold water mixer and handheld shower attachment, soap dispenser, toilet paper attachment, towel holder, and a basin with hot-cold water mixer attachment.

  • Towels − The couple of pairs of a large and a small towels each for the guests to be used according to their requirement.

  • Dustbin − A small dustbin with lid, which can be often, opened by the foot and lined with a plastic bag from inside.

  • Non-slip Foot-mat − It is often, kept near the bathtub.

  • Slippers − Flat non-slip slippers for the guest.

  • Mirror − A large mirror is often, fit on the wall above the basin.

  • Hair Dryer − A wall mounted fixed hair dryer for the guest is kept in the bathrooms.

  • Vanity Tray − It contains small bottles of shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Some hotels also provide moisturizer, shower cap, hand and foot cream, ear buds, and a small manicure kit. It may also contain a couple of empty glasses, disposable toothbrushes, and a small bottle of mouthwash.

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