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Hotel Furniture Buyer's Guide
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Contract Chairs are specialist manufacturers of hotel and restaurant seating.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the extensive range we have on offer. During the design phase of our products, we work nationally with commercial interior designers, developing durable and comfortable designer furniture, with affordability in mind at all times. This, combined with our expertise, allows us to provide clients with not only an outstanding product, but also with advice and design recommendations to fit their individual requirements.

Our contract seating products include: dining chairs, armchairs, bar stools, lounge chairs, sofas, and tub chairs.

In addition to hotels and restaurants, we also supply nightclub furniture, lounge and reception furniture as well as a number of other venue types that require contract seating, such as colleges, sports clubs, holiday parks and other facilities.

Hotel Furnishings Influence Visitor Experience

Hotel furnishings make powerful statements, they play an essential role in determining the style, ambiance and overall reputation of your venue. Many visitors form their first impressions as soon as they walk through the door and set eyes on the layout and the furnishings. It is therefore important to consider the demographics of your clientele as well as your chosen style. What type of visitor does your hotel attract? Are you offering luxury accommodation, middle of the range or budget? Is your aim to attract families with children, or individuals travelling on business?


Different areas of the hotel also need to convey different functions, and furnishings must reflect this. Our range of hotel seating products has something to suit every taste from the bold and contemporary, to traditional classics. We also offer customisable seating, clients can choose from our extensive range of upholstery fabrics and different finishes to ensure their chosen style matches their interior.


Your choice of fabric should be carefully considered, upholstery must be hard wearing and stain resistant, especially in bar and restaurant areas where spillages and heavy use will occur. Contract chairs offer a wide variety of different upholstery fabrics in a multitude of styles and colours – all our fabrics are exceptionally hard wearing with sophisticated stain resistant properties.

Withstanding the Test of Time

The average life cycle of hotel furnishings is approximately 10 years, it is therefore essential that furnishings not only retain their style, but are robust enough to endure heavy usage.


Whatever the number of clients you intend to cater for at any one time in your hotel bar, restaurant or lounge, seating should be carefully considered. Guests must be able to move around comfortably and staff need adequate space to serve. If space is in short supply, seating needs to be compact, this is true regardless of whether it is for a hotel public seating area or a bedroom. Contract Chairs supply seating solutions for all types of hotel, and can provide appropriate seating which maximises capacity whilst retaining comfort and aesthetics.

Key Considerations for Hotel Furniture in Reception Areas

  • Seating must be attractive and robust.
  • It is essential that furniture always has a clean and fresh appearance – be sure to choose high quality upholstery with stain resistant properties that will maintain its appearance.
  • Opt for memory foam cushions and soft furnishings where possible, these will not sag or need constant rearranging.
  • Chairs and sofas must look good from all directions, as it is highly likely that some of the backs will be on display.
  • Avoid chairs and sofas with screw on feet, these may loosen over time and cause problems for guests.

Key Considerations for Hotel Furniture in Restaurants

  • Is the seating robust enough to withstand heavy use without breaking?
  • How much space is physically available? In larger spaces, carver chairs or other types of arm chairs are a realistic option. Do the chairs fit all the way under the table? Depending on the design of the table, they may not.
  • How high are the chairs in relation to the table?
  • Will guests have enough space to comfortably move around and push their chairs back without knocking into other furnishings?
  • How stain resistant is the upholstery? Dining room seating is soiled quickly from food and beverage spillages, your chosen upholstery must be easy to wipe clean. Upholstery fabric in an intricate pattern will hide any stubborn stains better than one in a uniform shade. Pilling is a common occurrence in cheaper fabrics, causing an unsightly appearance.
  • If the chairs are wooden, will any marks or scratches show?

Hotel Bedroom Furniture

  • A hotel bedroom must be clean, comfortable and stylish – furnishings need to reflect this.
  • A good quality mattress is a must – memory foam mattresses are becoming ever more popular.
  • Hotel bedroom seating isn’t used as heavily as reception or restaurant furniture, and does not require the same level of robustness, allowing a wider breadth of style choices.
  • Space is usually at a premium, with the bed occupying the focal point of the room – other furnishings should be compact.

All of our hotel seating is specifically engineered to withstand heavy use whilst maintaining an outstanding appearance.

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