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Hotel Concierge
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Hotel Concierge is a section under front office that assists guests by performing different  services such as making reservations, booking transportation’s, arranging for local visits, recommending sightseeing spots, and coordinating bell desk service etc.
Handling messages

Handling of messages is also a crucial activity. Messages could be critical to guests be 11 business intimation or a friend visiting Messages are left when the guest is not present a the hotel and it is the hotel’s responsibility to receive them and convey them as soon the •ucst returns. A message can be received cither by phone or in person. Either way certain ^cautions need to be taken to get the communication right. The procedures are as follows:
Messages by Phone

When the phone rings say, “Concierge desk Good morning how may I help you?”

The person will express his/her intentions to leave a message for the guest It must be understood that by this point the person would have ideally wanted to speak the guest. However, being told by the telephone operator there is no answer in the room concerned he/she would naturally want to leave back a message. The telephone operator connects the person to the concierge desk for him/her to leave a message.


Critical as there is a direct responsibility of the hotel (once they sign for it. There are two aspects of this mail:

Whether the mail should be accepted or not, and once accepted, how it is carefully processed.

Obviously, if mail comes through slightly expensive mail channels like registered, insured or courier, means that the mail is important to the guest and therefore, requires careful handling. We must remember that mail here also includes parcels. The chart below (Fig 19,2) gives the -systems and procedures adopted by the concierge to protect the guest and hotel interests.

One will notice in the flow chart above, that the concierge will only accept registered mail if the guest is residing in the hotel or expected and holding a confirmed reservation. The concierge may help the postman with the forwarding addresses of guests who have checked out. Another key feature is the Registered Mail Register (Fig. 19.3) where such mail is entered as a control feature. Guests who receive their mail have to sign the register in acknowledgment.

Handling Registered Mail Registered Mail Register

Date     Time     Name of the Guest     Room No     Future Guest Date of Arrival    Description of Package / Mail     Concierge Signature     Guest Signature     Date and time of receipt
Handling Messages Messages by Phone

When the phone rings, say “Concierge desk good morning how may I Help You”?
Then find out the indentations of the guest.

3 .First check if the guest is a present resident by checking the guest rack.

If the guest mentioned is a resident, take the message slip pad and proceed to take the information in triplicate, by following the information on the slip.

TO (Name of the Resident Guest):
ROOM NO:         
Mr. Mrs./Ms.
TELEPHONE NO:         
MESSAGE:  Message Slip

It is vital to note the date and time as this could be crucial to many who may want information before a certain time. Take for instance, a guest catching a city tour with a friend who cannot make it for a pre-set appointment. The guest could be waiting for the deadline. Mobile phones make communication more instant and easier, however those without roaming facilities may still rely on the traditional messaging facility.

6.After taking down the message, it is important to repeat the name of resident guest, name of caller and most important, the message. Repetition is the best way to ensure that the communication has taken place effectively.

7.Sign the message slip to identify who took the message.

8.Place the original copy in an envelope. Put the room number on the envelope instruct a Bell Boy to slip the envelope under the door of the guest room.

9.Place the second copy in the key pigeon hole (if the concierge is handling the key control function) or forward it to the reception that controls the keys.

10.Retain the triplicate copy in the pad.

11.Press the message button of the room. The message light will flash on the telephone instrument in the guest room.
Message in Person

Greet the person who comes to the concierge desk and asks to leave a message for a guest
Hand over the message slip pad to the guest who will fill the details and message in his/her own handwriting and sign.
Make sure that the guest has signed and left his/her name, contact number; date and time.

4.Then proceed from step 6 above onwards.

As you can see, in the process of handling messages, it is unlikely for a guest to miss a message left for him/her.

The precautions taken are:

A copy is put in the key pigeon-hole, so that when the guest returns to recover his/her key, the receptionist/concierge can hand over the message along with the key to the guest.

The original copy of the message slip is placed under the guest room door. As soon as the guest enters his/her room he will see it.

When the guest enters the room he sees the message light flashing on his telephone console

Resident Guest Leaving a Message for a Visitor Often resident guests want to leave messages for visitors or family members/friends accompanying them. The procedure is the same as that of a visitor leaving a message for a resident guest, except that the message slip is of a different colour and written in duplicate.

The original copy is left in the key pigeon-hole of the resident guest. When the visitor/family member/friend arrives or phones he/she may ask for the guest and the receptionist or concierge will check the key rack for any message and will deliver the message to the visitor.

The different color code signifies to the receptionist or concierge that there is a message from the guest to a visitor.

Signature of the Guest: Signature of the Concierge:


The concierge is the repository of all information inside and outside the hotel. Guests have confidence that all they need to do is to consult the reliable concierge for any information they require. Some of the typical information required by guests is:
Hotel Information & Services

Hotel facilities
Hotel rules and regulations
Management policies
Events within the hotel
Schedule of special events
Guest information
Tickets for events in the hotel (supper theatre, rock concerts, fashion shows, galas, etc.)
Conventions, banquets and directions to the locations

City Information

Private taxi firms
City tour buses, schedules and rates
Tourist sites and entry charges
City Map
Airline, Bus and Rail schedules
Location of shopping centres and their timings
Telephone numbers of doctors and medical specialists
Location of hospitals
Location of High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates
Cultural events in the city and entry charges
Addresses and telephone numbers of kennel clubs
Addresses and telephone numbers of beauty salons and gymnasiums
Telephone numbers of florists
Prominent restaurants and table reservations
Ethnic restaurants and table reservations
Theatres and Cinema and box-office bookings
Tourist offices and information

The concierge keeps aids to support his task of providing information. These are:

Airline, bus and rail timetables
Telephone directories
Hotel guides
Road Maps
Tourism brochures and pamphlets
List of restaurants
Timetables of cultural events

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