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Hotel Card Key Switch
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Energy Efficiency Solutions Key card systems to switch off electricity in guestrooms

The use of metal keys for opening hotel rooms is a thing of the past already. Today, most hotels now offer high-tech hotel key cards, which allow their guests easy access to their rooms. Key card systems switch off electricity automatically
when guest rooms are vacated, and thus avoid useless consumption of electricity (TV, lights…).

Our energy saver keycard switch helps improve your guests’ comfort and reduce your energy costs.

The typical occupancy rate for a hotel is 65%. Of that 65%, a guest is generally in the room only 40% of the time, usually to sleep.
This means that there is a significant amount of time when you are needlessly heating, cooling or lighting an unoccupied space.

Our energy saver acts as the main electrical switch for the room and is operated by the guest’s Kaba keycard. All lighting and heating facilities only become operational once a corresponding card is inserted in it’s card key switch.

When the keycard is removed from it’s slot, the controlled circuits remain empowered for a further 10-30 seconds to ensure a safe exit from the room before the power is turned off. Our energy saver keycard switch can completely replace traditional energy saving switches.
• Keycard switch functions as dependable vacancy sensor when guest leaves and removes card

• Reduce energy costs by ensuring circuits are ON only during occupancy (when keycard is in switch)

• Attractive low profile design with color change kit to meet the most common room designs or decor

• LED lighting illuminates the card slot for ease of locating in a dark room

• High Inrush Stability (H.I.S. Technology) – Zero crossing circuitry optimizes relay operation for reliable, long-life operation – Robust mechanical latching relay is durable for all load types

• No neutral model (HKSWP-GDX) is specially designed for retrofit applications where neutral wires are not available

• Low voltage model is compatible with applications utilizing Building Automation Systems, Energy Management Systems, and lighting control panels

• Fully rated to protect the entire circuit with UL Listing and 20A relay

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