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High-Efficient Primary Waste Gas Disposal Product for Hotel
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Port - Shanghai, China
Production Capacity - 5000/Year
Payment Terms - L/C, T/T, Western Union
Condition - New
Certification - ISO
Automation - Non-Automatic
Screw - No
Treatment - Biological Treatment
Main Function - Odor Removal

Basic Info

Material - Stainless Steel 304
Trademark - Xukang
Transport Package - Wooden Case
Specification - Application: Industry Gas Disposal
Origin - China

Technical principle

First, this product utilizes special high-energy and high-ultraviolet UV light beams to irradiate odor gases and change malodorous   gases such as ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl thiol, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide,  carbon disulfide and benzene. Ethylene, sulfide H2S, VOC, benzene, toluene, xylene molecular chain structure, the organic or inorganic polymer odor compound molecular chain, under the irradiation of high-energy ultraviolet light, degradation and conversion to low molecular compounds, CO2, H2O and so on.

Second,using of high energy and ultraviolet UV light beam decomposition of oxygen molecules in the air and then produce free oxygen-active oxygen, because the free oxygen carried positive and negative electrons are not balanced so need to combine with oxygen molecules, and then produce ozone. UV+O2→O-+O* (active oxygen) O+O2→O3 (ozone) It is well-known that ozone has a strong oxidizing effect on organic substances and has an immediate elimination effect on odorous gases and other irritating odors.

Third,after the odorous gas is lead into the purification equipment by the exhaust equipment, the purification equipment uses a high-energy UV ultraviolet beam and ozone to carry out a synergistic decomposition and oxidation reaction on the malodorous gas, so that the malodorous gas material is degraded and converted into low molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide. Through the exhaust pipe exhaust outdoor.

Fourth,using high-energy UV beams to cleave the molecular bonds of bacteria in malodorous gases, destroy the nucleic acid (DNA) of the bacteria, and then carry out oxidation reactions through ozone to completely achieve the purpose of deodorization and killing bacteria.

Performance Advantage

Efficient odor removal: Effective removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans and other major pollutants, and a variety of bad odor, deodorant efficiency up to 99% or more, deodorant effect Exceeded the odor pollutant discharge standard (GB14554-93) promulgated by the State in 1993 and the Integrated Air Pollutant Emission Standard (GB16297-1996) issued in 1996.

No need to add any substances: only need to set the appropriate exhaust ducts and exhaust power, so that the odor / industrial waste gas through the device for deodorization decomposition and purification, without adding any substances involved in chemical reactions.

Strong adaptability: XK-series industrial exhaust gas (industrial exhaust gas) UV high-efficiency photolysis exhaust gas purification equipment can be used to deodorize and purify high-concentration, atmospheric air, and various industrial waste gases. It can work continuously for 24 hours a day, and is stable and reliable.

Low operating cost: XK-series industrial exhaust gas (industrial exhaust gas) UV high-efficiency photolysis exhaust gas purification equipment without any mechanical action, no noise, no special management and routine maintenance, only regular inspection, the device energy consumption is low, the device wind resistance Low <50pa, can save a lot of power consumption of exhaust wind power.

The equipment has a small footprint and light weight: it is suitable for special conditions such as compact layout, narrow space, etc. The equipment covers an area of <1 square meter / processing 10000m3/h air volume.

High-quality imported materials: fireproof, anti-corrosion performance, safety and stability of equipment performance, stainless steel, equipment life of more than 10 years.


Purification of malodorous gases, industrial exhaust gases, such as oil refineries, rubber plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, sewage treatment plants, garbage transfer stations, etc.

Company Information

Shanghai Xukang Environment Protection Technology Company which is a science and technology environmental protection enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacture and installation. The company has a professional R & D department and production base, while maintaining good relations of cooperation with many large domestic enterprises.

The main products of Shanghai Xukang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. are: industrial exhaust gas: photocatalytic oxidation exhaust gas purifier, low-temperature plasma exhaust gas purifier, dual-ion exhaust gas purifier, catalytic combustion exhaust gas purifier, chemical scrubber exhaust gas purifier, biodegradable exhaust gas purification , Explosion-proof microwave oxidation exhaust gas purifier, organic waste gas adsorption-desorption-condensation recovery technology, adsorption desorption concentration catalytic oxidation technology, molecular sieve efficient concentration technology, regenerative thermal incineration technology. Industrial oil mist: mechanical oil mist collector, electrostatic oil mist purifier, centralized oil mist purifier, large centralized oil mist purifier. Kitchen fumes: electrostatic kitchen fume purifier, composite restaurant fume purifier, front fireproof filter, photolysis of oxidation odor purifier and other products. Industrial dust removal: mobile welding smoke purifier, central welding smoke collector, cutting dust purifier, solder fume recovery device, pulse dust collector, dust collection worktable. And professional in installing various exhaust purification, HVAC installation project.

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