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Help Your Hotel Managers & Reception Staff Look & Feel Like a Team
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Hotel Reception Uniforms that show your staff at their best.

The hotel reception is the front line in dealing with your guests. It is the face of your hotel and should never be neglected when it comes a top notch uniform.

It doesn’t matter what size of hotel you run. First appearances matter. If you have a scruffy, uncoordinated staff it will instantly set alarm bells ringing with any new guest.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

As long as you show staff with a uniform that is matching and fits its surroundings, you’re almost there.

Polo shirts can be a cost effective way of getting this effect and as they come a huge variety of colours. Getting something to work with your corporate branding couldn’t be easier. Add the all important embroidered logo and there you have it.

Of course, shirts and blouses are the standard reception attire. Getting something to that suits your particular style is pretty easy. These come in a great variety of colours, patterns and fits. Easily paired easily with waistcoats and suit jackets to create a high class stylish look.

Skirts or trousers to can be formal or casual. You can never really go wrong with your classic dark pleated trouser or pencil skirt. You should however, also look at the newer trends. Lighter chino style skirts and trouser are becoming more and more popular. If the more casual approach is the feel you’re going for these are a great choice.

Waistcoats are still very popular to, with again your formal style standing the test of time well. Easily embroidered with your logo they are comfortable and durable giving a smart look to your team. Another option though are the newer tweed style waistcoats. These are very popular coming in various fabric patterns with ladies and gents fits.

An option we haven’t touched on is knitwear. Often overlooked it’s no longer looked at as old fashioned. Made from the most modern fabrics if can look very classy. Especially true if you go for one of our bespoke garments with a coloured trim to match you corporate palette. A range of male and female fits are available and it’s something to think about.

The Managers.

Now to Managers uniforms. You obviously want your guests to be able to identify who’s in change yet still keep that same uniform theme. Whether that’s in a formal suit or more casual styling. The classic three piece suit is a staple and to be fair can’t be knocked. It’s not for everyonen though. It depends on the vibe you are trying to create in your hotel.

Perhaps you’d prefer a classy waistcoat or one of our Premium Hospitality Shirts to differentiate from the other staff. Both are a great options.

Whatever your approach Kylemark has over 22 years experience in helping our customers choose the right route. A quick chat can often spark an idea you had never thought of before. If you are interested in some advice give us a call on 01292 848100 or drop us an email and we’ll endeavour to help.

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