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“Have your hotel always in the palm of your guests hands” Introducing “The smARt Concierge”

Using the newest mobile technology “The smARt Concierge” is a personalised hotel concierge designed to create that unforgettable experience, while providing important relevant information saving the hotel guests precious time, effort and money. Promoting trust between the hotel and their guests.

“The smARt Concierge” is uniquely triggered by image recognition, so all the guests have to do is Scan our logo for the concierge to instantly appear on their own phone, giving access to the hotels amenities 24/7.

It is important to create that special experience that reflects the nature of your establishment and the memories your guests go home with. With this in mind as our primary focus “The smARt Concierge” was put together to becoming one of the most important Apps on your guests phone whilst travelling for business or pleasure.

Why choose “The smARt Concierge”?

The smARt Concierge is relevant, reliable and time saving for the guests, as well as a powerful promotional tool providing seamless interaction between the Hotel, the guests and all the recommended activities and attractions creating a dynamic 2 way network.

For the guests - Important information always at their fingertips

  • What are the interesting local activities?
  • Is it even worth going?
  • How do you get there?
  • All the information in real-time

We have brought together all the most important pieces of information travellers need and filtered out all the millions or irrelevant, untrustworthy, time wasting noise created due to the internet.

For the hotel - Hotel amenities in the guests pockets 24/7

  • Promotional tool
  • Networking
  • Helping staff with guest requests
  • Provides instant information
  • Analytics
  • Only having top recommended activities promotes TRUST in your hotel

How to get “The smARt Concierge”

With hotels being 24hr micro cities of hustle and bustle and having to function like a well oiled machine the most important part of “The smARt Concierge” was to minimise the installation and any upheaval this would cause to the hotel. With our App image recognition and geo-location the only installation needed is to put our logo on the hotel door for guests to scan as they come in.


  • Turnkey solution
  • Complete stand alone system (no integration with hotel computer systems)
  • No staff training required
  • All automated
  • Security (no passwords, no emails, no personal details required)
  • No set up fees
  • Set up time - 15mins
  • No hardware, so no stress or mess for hotel or guests

All that is required is to have “The smARt Concierge” logo in a prominent area for the guests to scan and upload the concierge.

With the “I wanted it yesterday” and “as simple as possible attitude” people are looking for that instant fix. The hotel concierge is by no means a new concept and hotels have been using concierge’s for 100’s of year, with guests liking the special pampering they receive from the top hatted gentleman. The smARt concierge is very much designed to take all that onboard and bring it direct to the guests phone while helping the door concierge and adding value to the hotel. There are two main areas of competition both of which come from very different directions but still fall short of what the hotel guest or tourist is needing or even looking for, and of course there is Google (other search engines are available).

In most hotel lobbies there is the stand with leaflets advertising some of the local amenities and activities, this is a good way to maybe see what is in the local area but in this day and age do they show or tell us the full story.


  1. Is the attraction or activity worth going to see? - There will be no up-to-date reviews (if any) on the leaflet, so how can you tell if its worth the money.
  2. Many of the leaflets may be out-dated - Closed down, new address, new phone number
  3. You can’t book the activity from a leaflet - All you can do is find the website, type in the URL or phone. Wouldn’t it just be easier to push 1 button?
  4. Leaflets can’t show you what you could be missing. With no video’s you can’t get a real feel of the activity.
  5. If you are a 5 star hotel do you particularly want a load of unread, out-dated pile of leaflets after spending £1000’s on the hotels look and feel of the interior.
Touchscreen hotel concierge’s are big big business at the present time but I feel we are taking all the positives from the digital technology and taking it to the next level by simple putting it onto the guests phones.


  1. On demand information? - Only if you are there to touch the screen
  2. Once you find what you are looking for you then have to memorise everything that has appeared on the screen.
  3. 4-8 week lead times to install the touchscreen
  4. With the touchscreen hardware there will be upheaval to the hotel as you need to physically install then into the hotel, which then begs the question - Does it fit in with your interior design?
  5. The average price to install the touch screen digital concierge unit is fairly expensive at £2 - £12.5K each with £200 - £400 monthly maintenance fees.
  6. If you are not happy with the system you have all the upheaval again taking the machine out.
  7. Would you want or expect your guests to queue up in-front of a 6’ piece of tin to see what is around the surrounding area?
  8. The touchscreen is a fantastic way to spread germs and the flu, what could be better than sticking to your own mobile device.

Google and search engine’s are certainly the best way to find out information from your phone if you are out and about. With the smARt concierge we want to get rid of all the noise and the irrelevant information and only show recommended, reliable activities which the guests / tourists are looking for.


  1. 10,000’s of irrelevant websites no matter what you are searching for. If you type in “local golf courses” into your search engine 15,600,000 websites appear - There only is 547 courses in the whole of Scotland. Looking for the “Ski Resorts in Scotland” 260,000 websites appear, which ones are relevant or reliable as there only is 5 ski resorts in Scotland.
  2. When you are looking for local activities it becomes very apparent that only the biggest and best activities or attractions rise to the top of the search and not always nearby, again if you don’t know the area well, you could be travelling for hrs.
  3. Due to Google and the way it collects data there are 100’s of wonderful hidden gems and local attractions that never appear in the top couple of pages and are never seen or found.
  4. It becomes a very impersonal list of just the best companies who can pay the most money to get to the top of the search, and even if you do find what you are looking for how do you know if it is reliable and worth going for a visit.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

With the smARt concierge we are utilising all the best bits from the leaflets, touchscreens and Google searches and getting rid of all the irrelevant, unreliable and time wasting stuff giving the hotel and tourists a very useful powerful tool always in the palm of their hands. With the smARt concierge design and clever technology we want to make a real impact in the hotel and tourism industry.

To find out more about the benefits “the smARt concierge” can bring to your business click here  To book a demo go to

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