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Foldable Rollaway Bed
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The Springfit Folding Roll-Away Bed is one of the most admired products in the hospitality industry, and satisfies the needs of the most discerning guests. The unique design features a strong folding frame, heavy duty metal legs, better support structure, a premium quality mattress in two attached pieces and smooth rolling wheels. This bed is easy to fold and can be stored in minimum space during the day.

Care Instructions

Rotate the mattress by changing the head and tail position. Change the sides every 3 months to enhance comfort and life of the mattress

Always keep your mattress clean, Covered and dust free

In case children use this mattress, we recommend you to use the springfit protector cover

Use a bed of matching size for your valuable mattress. An over sized or under sized bed might lead to mattress damage and sagging. We do not take any guarantee / warranty if the size of the bed is improper

While shifting your mattress location, carry it flat on its side in order to avoid mishandling which may lead to damages

Give your mattress a little time to 'air' after removal from its enclosed packaging


Do not fold or bend your mattress in any condition as it may get damaged.

Do not expose your mattress to any kind of heat, direct sun or flames. The mattress is not fire or flame resistant and can catch fire

Do not place any heavy objects on the mattress and do not ever jump or stand on it as the springs might lead to compression and get damaged

Do not use any detergent powder or any dry cleaning fluid to remove stains. Use dry cloth first and then dampened cloth to remove stains

Do not drop any water and other liquids on the mattress

Do not use handles for carrying / lifting the mattress, as they are meant only to position the mattress on bed base

Right Way to Use Your Mattress

Ensure your mattress is flat, only then push the opposite corners

wooden bed Now place it gently towards the head of the bed

beds online Position your mattress in such a way that it overlaps the sides of the bed

bed price Push 'C' and 'D' corners in anti clockwise position as shown, to position it properly

double bed frame Lift the mattress vertically as shown

Turn the mattress every three months as shown above for a long and stress free experience

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