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Essential amenities of a hotel/guest room
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Your guest isn’t just looking for a bed to sleep in and a roof over their head anymore. Travellers want to indulge themselves in hotels & guest rooms featuring high-quality room amenities. They want to feel pampered. They want luxury.

It means the basics you provide should look and feel luxurious. Guests want you to meet and exceed their expectations on the essentials. And when you do, they’ll notice—both from your online profile and while at your property.

So here is a quick overview of the 7 hotel/guest room essentials


When you're packing for a trip away, the things people most often forget are toiletries. So it is a great relief when they look in their hotel room bathroom to find tiny toiletries of shampoo, soap, body wash and conditioner.


Perhaps you're staying over in a hotel because you've got an important business meeting in the morning or a big job interview in the afternoon. Whatever the occasion, you will want to hang your suit and shirt up to avoid those unsightly wrinkles. 


Following on from hangers of course if you have a few spare minutes running an iron over your business attire is a luxury. Is it may be the most essential item in your room? For those that travel on business an ironing centre is your best friend. Something compact and lightweight is always a perk.


When you're travelling around the country or the world on business or on your annual holiday, you will almost certainly have packed some extremely valuable items – passport, camera, money, smartphone, and laptop. Safes really do provide guests with peace of mind and allow them to remain relaxed & enjoy their stay.

p.s don't forget to programme a managers overiding code or purchase a safe logger unit


Everyone has different needs. Some people are always cold, Others are forever warm. There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep, when you’re on the road, with the stresses of trip-planning and travel behind you, there’s nothing you want more than a good soft set of sheets can make or break a night’s rest.


After settling into your room, what better than to make a lovely cup of tea or coffee, a complete hospitality tray is a lovely key piece to add a homely touch to your stay. Keeping drink making facilities neat and tidy, preventing mess and spills


There is nothing more frustrating that stepping out of the shower and finding you only have one towel to use. We like to have the ability to choose from an abundance of options, that are different sizes & sometimes even different textures beautiful soft fluffy cosy towels come to mind. We enjoy having fresh towels & cosy bathrobes waiting for us, when we come back in after a long day.

So next time you check into a hotel room, take a good look around and see if you have all of the items mentioned above – you may be pleasantly surprised

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