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electric hotel cooling beer brewing brewery equipment for beer
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Malt crushing equipment used disc-typle malt mill or roller mill,powder size can be adjusted,a daily output less than 500L beer production line usted disc-type malt mill,1000L or more used roller type mill.

Beer Sacchanfication System

Saccharification equipment inner using 304 stainless steel,is one-pot two-slots two-body style, equipment and pipeline layout is of elegant appearance ,convenient and sale operation ,between devices ,the pipeline are using the sanitary fast connection,is easy to disassemble ,assemble ,move , transformate .he major equipment levelness can be adjust ,stable performance Equipment is divided into luxury red copper exterior and stainless stell 8K/drawing exterior ,the way of heating is electric heating and steam heating (need sell-provided boiler)

Beer Fermentation System

Fermentor inner using 304 stainless steel,luxury stainless steel 8k/drawing main exterior ,bright stainless steel mushroom head ;internal polished 0.4um,internal omni-directional Wshing ball;polyurethane insulation;75°under cone compression design ,with stainless steel Miller board/ice water coil pipe to cool down.

Beer Cooling&Heat Exchanger System

Cooling System is composed of refrigeration unit,evaporator,one section

cooling water tank,heat exchanger,equipment base,cooling pi-pe,used for wort cooling,and cool beer fermentation.

Cortrol System

1.PLC semi -automatic control system,our engineers progamme according to with the technology to achieve different process purposes.System features:touch screen interface management.discrete control,anti-interference,and reliability,unified,open architecture,the system easy to expand.

2.Semi-automatic control instrument,the system features;digital temperature controller,electrical contact,pressure gauge is in a container management,discrete control,anti-interference,and reliability,

3.Manual control systen features:centralized management,strong anti-interference,and reliability,high universality;easy to operate.

Fitering System

The filter adopted with hotel draft beer equipment is the Leaf-type Diatomite Filer, which is one advanced, efficient and new type filter absorbing all the strong points of the domestic and overseas material is high quality stainless steel and density of machine shell can meet the food sanitation requirement. The filtration process is simple, the filtration area is large, the production efficiency is high and liquor wastage is little.

 Cooling System

Beer production cooling system include: ice water, refrigerator, piping valves and control systems, which is the core of the refrigeration unit, the general use of ammonia refrigeration compressor, respectively, for the water heat exchange and direct to fermentation.

 CIP Cleaning System

Beer production CIP claeaning  system Include:hot alkaline tank, cold alkaline tank, acid tank, sterile tank, recycling water, CIP pump and so on.

1).All the tanks are high-quality 304 stainless steel materials, the protection of argon gas welding, both inside and outside the polished, high-quality pipe valves, link optimization process.

2).To take automatic control technology, temperature, pressure, concentration, flow, liquid level, such as automatic control, to meet the production needs of the self-cleaning.

3).Selection of advanced technology washing, genral cleaning process: hot alkaline hot water→water→water→acid→→→ppm hydrogen peroxide-class sterile water: the link after the end of washing liquid to keep the recovery, recycling, reduce environmental Pollution!

We consider all different potential situation in the delivery, so we use every prevention measures to avoid  any potential inconvenience or trouble.

Bulk cargo: Standard wooden case which can avoid any clash during the sea or air transportation in case  of causing damage to the surface of our products.

Container cargo: the equipment will be bound firmly and won’t easily swing to the side, or up, or down.

Product Description

What is the composition of our 50L beer equipment?

Equipments Request


1. Milling System

Malt Miller

2. Mashing System

Mash/Lauter Tun

Boiler Tank


Heat Ex-changer

Wort Pump

Stiring Device (Optional)

Other accessories are available: 

1.Ornamental Pipe;       2.Mashing Pipeline; 

3.Operating Plateform;    4.Yeast Feeder;

5.Venturi Tube;          6.Butterfly Valve DN40;

7.Butterfly Valve DN32;   8.Soft Pipe; 9.Dregs Rake; 

10.Sugar Measuring Cylinder;   11. Saccharimeter;      

3. Fermenting System

Fermentation Tank

Other accessories are available: 

1.L-Pipe;          2.Butterfly Valve; 

3.Pressure Gage;    4.Solenoid Valve;

5.Vacuum Valve;    6.Cooling Pipe; 

7. Thermal Insulation Pipe; 

4. Cooling System

Ice Water Tank

Refrigeration Machine

Centrifugal Pump


Ice Water Pump

Relative Pipes and Valves

5. CIP System

Washing Tank

Sterilization Tank

Pump and Valve

6. Filter System

Kieselguhr Filter

Membrane Filter

Filtered Beer Tanks

7. Packing System

Fresh Keg Packing Machine

Pop Can Packing Machine

Glass Bottle Packing Machine

8. Controlling System

Mashing Control Panel

Fermenting Control Panel

Refrigerating Control Panel

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