Dudson Seconds UK Whiteware

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*We are saddened to learn that as of 04/04/19, Dudson group have ceased trading. Developments are currently on-going and we will keep our customers informed as we hear. For now, please rest assured that we do have sufficient stock levels of Dudson items, but it is advised to get in touch with our customer service team before proceeding with a large order.*

Due to the closure of the manufacturer, please be aware that all Dudson items are non-returnable. Our Dudson Seconds UK Whiteware is extremely strong and durable, offering the same high performance as more expensive ware. This range is the best choice for catering restaurants and pubs requiring a cost effective crockery solution without compromising on quality.

Our Dudson Seconds Whiteware selection is made in the UK and has the same standards for performance as some of our best ware. There may be a surface blemish or mark on the product but this will not impact on the performance; i.e. there will be no chips or cracks. Cheaper imported porcelain usually have far lower selection criteria than those of the UK manufacturers.

Specifically designed for busy catering environments, this collection of seconds crockery is the perfect cheap crockery solution. This ware features a professional hard-wearing glaze to prevent the wear and fading caused by dishwasher detergents and abrasion during day to day use. A fully glazed foot helps to further minimise scratching in use.

Key Features:

Dudson Seconds UK whiteware crockery
Professional microwave safe
Professional dishwasher safe
Fully glazed foot
Designed for catering use
Long life in use
High performance
Strong and durable
Made in the UK
Excellent value for money

This range is subject to availability and NOT made to order. Catering Crockery

Here at Stephensons catering equipment suppliers we stock a vast collection of high quality catering crockery. With options to suit all types of food service you'll find the perfect tableware solution for you.

For more information and help in selecting the right range for your business contact our Customer Services team on 0161 483 6256.

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