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Classic Chef & Kitchen Porter Uniforms
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No Hotel should ever forget their Chef and Kitchen Porter Uniforms.

It’s a sweaty, stressful business in the Hotel kitchen. The staff have to work at a rapid pace and to a high standard. Every day preparing meals for a large number of guests. Things like the food can make or break a hotels name so you really should put some thought into how they will be dressed. Even if your guests may never see them.

So, lets start with the Chef.

What makes a good Chef’s uniform? The traditional chefs uniform hasn’t changed much over the years. There’s a good reason for this, simply put, it works.

The Chefs Jacket is instantly recognisable but it isn’t just for show. These garments are made to be robust and help protect the wearer from what can be a pretty hazardous environment. Normally fashioned from a heavy weight modern cotton fabric. These jackets safeguard the chef from hot spillages, steam and flame yet help the wearer stay cool in what can be a sweltering conditions.

The common look for these jackets is white but different colours are becoming ever popular. Even new fabrics are making an appearance with denim very on trend at the moment.

A Chef needs a good quality jacket to be confident in their workplace. The same can be said for the apron. Again kitchen aprons should be a bit tougher than your cheaper, lighter options. Chefs work with an array of oils and sauces. There isn’t much point in having a thin cotton apron if the splashes are going to bleed through to your nice white jacket.

Safety to is a priority. With a heavier fabric affording much more protection from hot liquids and sharp tools. There are plenty of styles to choose from. Waterproof to heavy canvas it all depends on your preference.

Another important piece of the uniform are the shoes. Not only do they need to be comfortable but also have to be safe. Non-slip soles and re-enforced toes are a must. Specifically design shoes and clogs are readily available for kitchen staff.

On the hygiene front chefs should wear a hat at all times. Skull caps are the traditional style but zandana’s and turn up hats are also available in many fabrics and colours. Oh, and lets not forget the classic tall white hat. Not so popular these days but for some hotels this look displays professionalism. Especially if the chef is visible to the public.

Trousers are normally a loose, baggy affair with elastic waistbands, built for comfort and durability. Usually a plain black or blue colour these trousers are also available the classic checkerboard effect.

As for the Kitchen Porters

There really isn’t much difference other than perhaps the Chef Jacket. It’s all dependent on their duties. But as cleaning and washing are priorities something with short sleeve may work better. T-shirts, Polos and Shirts can all work well. If matched properly to the chefs it can make for a coordinated Uniform.

The finishing touch.

Adding your company logo with embroidery or print is the finishing touch that brings the whole uniform together.

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