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Choosing Window Treatments for Your Hotel, Inn or B&B
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Curtains are a crucial part of hotel décor, and there are special requirements when it comes to window treatments for hotels, inns and B&Bs.

In the world of hospitality, window treatments are about more than just showing off the view. The curtains, drapes, blinds or shades you choose for your establishment can be an important piece of your overall design scheme.

At the same time, window treatments still retain a practical purpose, protecting your interior from harsh sunlight and keeping rooms cool.

“In hospitality design, one must consider the functionality of window coverings, as well as the aesthetics,” Jo-Anne Spencer, senior designer at DiLeonardo International told Hotel Management Magazine in 2007. “Important factors to consider are the climate, the view, privacy and light control. The perfect window has layers of functionality and is flexible enough to suit a guest’s needs at different times of the day.”

Hot and cold, formal and informal

You should also consider how each room will be used when picking window treatments for hotels, inns and B&Bs. A formal space will need heavier drapes, while a less formal room – like the ones in a resort – need lighter, transparent fabrics.

Yvon Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains

Your guests want a good night’s sleep, something that’s harder to come by these days thanks to light pollution. That’s where blackout curtains come in handy. These window treatments are made from heavy opaque fabrics and are designed to block out external light.

While these are great for light sleepers, different curtain fabrics have different advantages:
  • Cotton – It’s easy to clean, make rooms feel bright and airy
  • Linen – Feels casual, filters just the right amount of light
  • Velvet – Gives your room a formal feel, blocks noise, heat and cold
  • Sheers – Offers guests privacy while still keeping their rooms bright
Here are some more tips to help you make the right choice when choosing window treatments:
  • Your curtains should match the room’s upholstery to give everything a uniform look.
  • If you have a room that’s filled with furniture, artwork and other accessories, choose a neutral curtain color.
  • Before selecting window treatments for hotels, inns or B&Bs, make sure you consider the type of windows you have. Measure the area around the window to make sure the curtains fit.
Few things affect the way a room looks as much as the windows and the way you dress them. InnStyle offers a wide range of window treatments to suit any room, including:
  • Beautyrest Barrou Blackout Window Curtain Treatment – Gorgeous curtains that combine versatile fabric with a blackout lining to create the ultimate sleep environment and featuring a unique interlocking geometric jacquard design.
  • Malbrouk Blackout Window Curtains & Valances – Bring elegant tranquility into your home with the Beauty Rest Malbrouk Blackout Window Curtain Drapery. These gorgeous curtains combine versatile fabrications and a blackout lining to create the ultimate sleeping environment. With a modern take on traditional style, the Malbrouk curtain features an updated geometric chevron created with a shrink yarn technique.
  • Sheer Diving Lace Curtains – These curtains are striking but simple, airy and adaptable, featuring delicate trailing floral vines arrayed against a sheer background.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about our window treatments, and all of our other products designed to give your guests the best rest possible.

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