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Choosing the right toiletry set for your business
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The hospitality industry thrives on guest experience; this has become the first criteria when choosing a hotel. With hotels starting to differentiate their services in the heat of competition, it has become necessary to offer a first class experience.

Hotel amenities... a small but essential component, which may help build the right guest experience that reflects your hotel’s image and helps build reputation. At Bunzl Rafferty we offer a range of toiletries that you can select from.

In fact, a lot of them we can help customise the products to match your image. The toiletries you choose give your customers a glimpse of what their stay will feel like.

Most guests, when they visit a hotel, will first enter the bathroom to check the facilities and the toiletries. Even if that is not the first area they encounter upon stepping into the room, it will eventually define their opinion. Today guests expect more from the hospitality industry than before, due to the changing trends and new technology that has entered into every aspect of the business. This new trend has led to choosing the right luxury amenities to build your hotel brand and image.

A few steps to lead by when considering toiletries:

Ensure the range fits the company’s ethos and image

One of the key things that you should keep in mind when selecting your toiletries range is to ensure that it tells your hotel’s story, and reflects your hotel’s identity.

The bathroom amenities should be aligned to the hotel’s vision. This should start from the colour, packaging, and the fragrance of the product. Some hotels choose specific fragrances that reflect the true sense of their hotel.

Choosing the Right Size

While the ideal bottle size of the toiletries is anywhere between 30 & 40 ml, this may not be suitable for those guests who plan to stay for a longer time.

If sustainability is important to your hotel business ensure that your products you choose have environmentally friendly formulations. At this point, it becomes inevitable to choose the right amenities partner to help deliver the right product to match your hotel image. Fragrance can drive a luxurious experience and give brand a helping hand.

Design your own

Personalised merchandise is a great place to start. We established the aim is to put yourself at the forefront of your guests’ minds, before, after and during their stay. So, getting creative could be the way to go. The more effective and recognisable your branding is, the less time and effort you will need to invest in the future. With careful planning and some creativity you won’t have to worry about selling your brand; your brand will sell itself. At Bunzl Rafferty Hospitality we have all the tools you need to produce beautiful and elegant products for your hotels and B&B’s with your own brand personalisation that are a cut above the rest.

There are many benefits that come with personalising your products, the fundamentals are:

  • Its Improves customer engagement
  • Customer loyalty and retention is improved
  • Creates long lasting brand awareness
  • Improves the customer experience with your brand

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