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Choosing and caring for your important kitchen tools
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A chef’s knives and preparation equipment are like a master craftsman’s toolkit, full of trusted essentials to help achieve the perfect result.

Of course, many things go into creating a great dish, it takes timing, skill and quality ingredients but it all starts with the right tools for the job.

A chef’s most valuable tool

Good quality knives are a must have for any chef, they’re arguably the most important tools a chef can have, used in the preparation of a huge range of dishes. It’s something that’s certainly worth investing in and considering carefully. That’s why the Lockhart website features a guide to choosing the perfect knife.

Knife maintenance

As we’ve already established, a good knife is well-known to be one of a chef’s most important tools. So, if you’ve invested in the best for your kitchen, it makes sense to take proper care of your investment. Here’s a few handy guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to knife maintenance.

• Keep it sharp! A dull knife can lead to accidents, as it’s more likely that the knife will slip from what’s being cut and come in to contact with hands and fingers. We’ve got a great range of knife sharpeners here.

• Cut on the right surface. Always use a chopping board, as hard surfaces such as granite or marble could damage the blade.

• Clean your knives carefully. With many knives it’s actually not recommended to clean them in the dishwasher, the high heat, harsh cleaning chemicals and potential movement aren’t great for keeping your knives in tip top condition. If possible, it’s advisable to simply hand wash them and dry them immediately too.

• Safe storage is key. There are plenty of options when it comes to this, from magnetic storage options to a knife sheath, so there’s no excuse for unsafe or untidy knife storage.

A cut above

One brand offering a fantastic range of knives and preparation equipment is Mercer, available through Lockhart Catering Equipment. The well-established company is the predominant supplier to more than 90% of culinary academies in North America, so it’s well worth checking out their range.

If you’re looking to upgrade your knives, here are a few highlights from the Mercer collection…

Millenia™ Colour Coded Knives

This is a range of high Carbon, Japanese Stain-free Steel cutlery that’s colour-coded for dedicated use in food safety handling practices, ideal for any professional kitchen. The knives are all manufactured from one piece of steel to ensure outstanding strength.

Genesis® Forged

This range features one-piece, fully forged cutlery. Designed to optimise comfort and performance, the ergonomic handle utilises Santoprene® for a comfortable non-slip grip. It’s manufactured from German High Carbon Stain Resistant Steel and available as single knives and sets.

Asian Collection

This collection combines innovation with tradition, resulting in the food service safe Asian knives range. It offers you high quality, precision Asian cutlery at remarkable value.

Top up your kitchen tools

Mercer also offer other handy professional kitchen equipment such as graters, plating tools, precision tongs and silicone wedges and brushes. Shop the collection here.

Have a look on our Youtube channel for the latest from Mercer's Plating Tools:

What is your most useful kitchen tool? We’re always keen to hear from you, share your pictures and ideas with us by following @BunzlLockhart

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