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Best Makeup Remover Wipes For Hotels
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Makeup remover wipes are one of the best and easiest ways for hoteliers to save money. Just think about it. Every day you spend money washing and drying bathroom towels. When you have a large hotel, the labor, water and detergent costs for face towels alone can really pack a punch. And what happens when a makeup stain can’t be removed? You must discard the towel and replace it with a new one.

Stop wasting money and time bleaching or discarding expensive towels and linens that have been used to remove makeup. For as little as 18 cents per sold room night, Accent Amenities’ line of disposable makeup remover wipes will help eliminate this costly expense.

Here’s why our high-quality Spa Scents makeup remover wipes are the best hotel amenity purchase you’ll make.


Makeup remover wipes are an inexpensive investment.

Our high-quality makeup remover wipes come in case packs of 100 for $23.95 or 1,000 for $180.00 with Free Shipping. Instead of purchasing expensive towels and linens which require bleaching and replacing, spend as little as 18 cents per sold room night and offer disposable Makeup Remover Wipes.

Makeup remover wipes save the hotelier money on towels and linens.

Just think of all the money you’ll save once you stop buying replacement towels and linens. Every time a guest ruins a towel with makeup, it costs you money in lost or specially laundered towels. Every time a guest goes to sleep with makeup on, it costs you money in soiled pillowcases. With makeup remover wipes, this is no longer a concern.

Accent Amenities offers free shipping on makeup remover wipe orders.

As an added benefit, Accent Amenities ships makeup remover wipes free in the contiguous United States!

Our makeup remover wipes are always in stock.

We know how important timely delivery is, which is why our makeup remover wipes are always in stock. No more waiting around for your order to fulfill. Your hotel’s makeup remover wipes are just a few clicks away.

Accent Amenities offers volume discounts on our high-quality makeup remover wipes.

Because makeup remover wipes are such a popular hotel amenity, we offer volume discounts. Our wholesale pricing is the best option for larger hotels and properties. Keep those rooms stocked and save even more money.

Makeup remover wipes are individually packaged for convenience.

Guests love the convenience of our individually wrapped makeup remover wipes and you will too. The grab and go packaging makes them perfect for nighttime skincare, or a quick cleanup after a workout at the gym or fitness center.

Makeup wipe removers are appreciated by guests.

Your guests will love the quality and feel of our Spa Scents makeup remover wipes. They are strong enough to remove foundation, lipstick and event waterproof mascara, yet gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Have you thought about adding makeup remover wipes to your amenity program? Now’s the time to start saving money! Let us know what you think on Facebook or Instagram.

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