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Are Innovative High-Tech Toilet Seats a Benefit to Mankind?
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How can you make your intimate and private moments of your life a little bit more comfortable? How can you make sure you enjoy the intimately private moments of your life? What kind of products and fixtures will you need? We are talking about upgrading your toilet experience, of course!

So, how do you upgrade your toilet experience? With state-of-the-art toilet technology!

Behold, the high-tech toilets! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the 21st century’s “super toilet” or as it is called high-tech toilets. These tech marvels are available in a range of prices and in a plethora of styles to suit your wants and needs.

The purpose of toilet seat system is engineered for luxury, comfort, ease, cleanliness, and needless to say plain fun. But while an automated lid or a built-in sound system technology may seem to make potty time fun (hey, at least for the kids), does it offer any benefit to mankind? Well, let us have a look at what these toilet marvels have got to offer.

The smart toilet system comes with an abundance of technology, some that may even seem to be unnecessary.

But, most super toilets come with a “WaterSense” technology which means that your tech toilet uses less water to maintain the highest efficiency possible. This translates into less water usage, which is ultimately good for the environment.

Conventional toilet seats are super-frigid in cold winter mornings, whereas, tech toilets are equipped with an electrically warmed seat, which makes doing the morning business a toasty and comfortable experience.

They are equipped with seat and feet warmers, in addition to having motion-activated, hands-free seat and cover. Typically, the smart toilet systems contain a built-in, Bluetooth-enabled speaker device, that allows you to pair your toilet to the smartphone. Talk about toilet technology! Someone in for a musical morning? Well, say hello to the high-tech toilets!

Many tech toilets incorporate a handsfree bidet function, which promises a “natural, purifying experience that will leave you clean and happy,” according to Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto’s Washlet toilet.

Many high-tech commodes boast of a remote-control operation with wall-mounted touchscreen remote, heated seat, and a soothing water spray customized to your preference of water temperature and an adjustable warm air dryer.

If that’s not enough, these wonder toilets are equipped with air deodorizer, a self-cleaning bowl and nozzle, a body sensor for automatic lid opening and closing, and not one but three ways to flush—manual, remote control operation or automatic (touchless flush, or the “no-touch” flush).

Oh, and not to mention the built-in night lights that cause the toilet bowl to glow with a comforting blue light (or whatever light you prefer, really) that looks both calming and inviting at night.

Talk about a cool experience! Toilet manufacturers such as Kohler makes several toilet seats with not only this built-in nightlight feature but also all the aforementioned tech features. Do they benefit mankind? Well, yes, to say the least!

So, what do you need to do to own a super toilet system? Such high-tech toilets definitely don’t come cheap, and you will need to dig really deep in your pockets because they can cost upwards of (drumroll please) $8000! Well, the good news is only the super high-end costs this much.

If you want a high end toilet experience, then they are available for less than this also, although you may have to forgo on some of the comforting experience. What’s more, you will be the owner of a tech toilet whose functions can be customized according to your preferences and have a “home spa” like experience, including a heated seat, every time you do your private business!

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