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Are Fabric Softeners Safe?
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Everyone loves the fresh scent of laundry. Fresh out of the machine, it smells divinely awesome. For some people, it might even be the only incentive they need to do bucketsful of dirty laundry—that lingering aroma of freshly scented clothes. Unfortunately, there are various chemicals in a commercial-grade fabric softener.

If you have babies and kids in the house, it becomes doubly important that you find a baby safe fabric softener. The good news is, many fabric softener manufacturers are coming up with formulations that are safe for humans, environment and the machine.

How Do Fabric Softener Work?

First of all, we need to understand what the best liquid fabric softener comprises of. The best liquid fabric softeners in the market is a composition containing conditioning agents, emulsifiers, and other ingredients such as color, preservatives and fragrance.

A baby safe fabric softener or a basic softener works by depositing conditioning agents on every strand of the fiber of the cloth which makes it soft, less prone to static and imparting it that floral fresh aroma.

There are two major type of fabric softener—the liquid softener and dryer sheets. In India, the liquid kind is more popular, since dryer machines are rarely used except in the commercial space. The difference is that liquid softener made by fabric softener manufacturers is used in the washing machine after the rinsing cycle while the dryer sheets, as the name implies, are used in the dryer during the drying cycle.

Benefits Of Fabric Softener

The benefits of a fabric conditioner are many. Fabric softeners, which are manufactured by cleaning products manufacturers in India, are used to prevent or reduce static cling. Static is the result of using detergent in laundry loads. Detergent discharges negative ions.

A fabric conditioner is the perfect solution to this problem because they discharge positive ions. These positive ions react with the negative ions leading to the nullification of charge, thereby a reduction in static. Thus, the static is reduced, the result being fabric that flows, making it look smoother and fresher.

Fabric softeners help clothes dry quickly. The agents in fabric softeners help speed up the evaporation of water, enabling clothes to dry out a lot faster. This naturally leads to less time doing the laundry.

It reduces wrinkles and softens the clothes, making it easier to iron them. Also, when you use a fabric conditioner, the clothes “hang” better when you wear it. This is because they relax and smoothen the fibers, making it look less stiff, and more elegant.

They impart fresh fragrance and make the clothes last longer. It also helps brighten clothes and reduce odor. Fabric softeners impart to clothes that fresh scent that is simply irresistible. The goodness of fresh fabric brings forth comforting images of home, a feeling of déjà vu which is aloost impossible to describe.

Having listed out the benefits, there are some types of fabric on which you should not use conditioners. These are microfiber clothes, athletic sportswear, flame retardant clothing (especially children’s clothing and bedsheets), and terry cloth (from which towels are made). This is because it diminishes the absorption of water and perspiration.

Savon Care is one of the leading cleaning products manufacturers in India that utilizes safe ingredients in its products. Our products are thoroughly tested and undergoes a rigorous quality check to ensure the products we make are safe for our consumers.

We specialize in formulations that are azo-free and meets the highest of standards. We are the foremost fabric softener manufactures; our softeners are completely soluble in hot or cold water, softens and smoothens fabric and is absolutely color safe. You can buy our products by clicking here.

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