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Andrew Iannazzi Handcrafted Mold Blown Colored Glass Tiki Mugs - Set of 4
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Build your collection with this set of four handblown tiki glasses, based on vintage designs from famous tiki barware of the past.

Serve your guests with this tiki mug set to transport them to a different time and place. These works of art are made of hand blown glass and will add character and diversity to your mug collection.

Tiki has a long, storied history dating back to ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian culture in the 1200’s, being brought back during the Prohibition era, and haunting the Brady Bunch in the 1970s. Today, they are valuable collectables that add their unique style to any bar.

These tiki mugs are made using both off-hand and traditional mold-blowing techniques by experienced glass artist Andrew Iannazzi and are of the highest quality craftsmanship. Andrew studied glassblowing in college and has worked in professional glassblowing facilities throughout the United States.

Andrew draws from historical design and imagery in his art. These mug designs are based on famous tiki bars from the past and make a great gift for serious tiki enthusiasts.

For proper care, it is best to avoid placing these mugs in the dishwasher, and to avoid extreme heat and cold. However, a nice cold drink with ice works just fine.

  • Set of four mold hand blown glass tiki mugs
  • The custom colors in the glass of each mug blend several shades together, resulting is some striking color combinations
  • The molds are based on classic tiki mug designs from famed tiki bars and manufacturers of a by-gone era
  • Handcrafted by glass artist Andrew Iannazzi
  • Iannazzi uses off-hand blowing and traditional mold-blowing techniques
  • Andrew began glassblowing at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY and has since worked in numerous professional glassblowing facilities throughout the US
  • Made in the USA in Cambridge, MA
  • Dishwasher tested, but recommend hand wash only
  • Avoid boiling liquids or extreme temperature changes
  • Please note, there may be slight variations in weight and detail from mug to mug due to the handcrafted nature of these glasses
  • The ultimate gift for any serious tiki aficionados


  • (1) O.G. Mold Blown "Jungle Fog" Colored Glass Tiki Mug - 13 oz
  • (1) Moai Mold Blown " Eclipse" Colored Glass Tiki Mug - 13 oz
  • (1) Warrior Mold Blown "Lava Red " Colored Glass Tiki Mug - 16 oz
  • (1) Head Hunter Mold Blown "Blue Lagoon" Colored Glass Tiki Mug - 20 oz

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