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Add Employee Recognition Badges To Your Recognition Program
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We know name badge accessories work to enhance your existing name badge program, but employee recognition badges are a true add-value.

Current Staff Recognition Practices

Most Executives and Human Resource Professionals we know want to implement some employee recognition strategies, but it is challenging!

First you have to dream up a recognition program that suits your corporate culture and makes your employees feel special.

You also have to minimize the time, money and management commitments.

As a result of these obstacles, many companies don’t bother setting up an employee recognition or reward program. This can leave staff feeling unappreciated, and is really not a best practice. Many other companies that do have employee recognition in place may be managing their recognition program separately from their name badge programs, for the most part. This means dedicating more staff time and resources to administer both programs, which will impact the bottom line.

Doesn’t it make so much sense to integrate employee recognition with your name badge program, and cut admin time in half?

Internal Vs. Public Employee Recognition Programs

Imprint Plus employee recognition accessories are also great in that they are public.

Most popular employee recognition programs that we see are purely internal, meaning that the information is circulated among staff only. We’ve all seen an employee-of-the-month poster in a back room somewhere, or an email circulating about top performers. But, the great thing about combining your name badge with employee recognition is that your staff members can wear their achievements proudly, and openly right on their lapels. Employee recognition badges offer both your team and your clientele a way to celebrate the honorees, and your customers will be aware that you’re the type of company that values its employees.

Versatile Employee Recognition Badges

We’re thrilled about some of the employee recognition strategies that our customers have implemented, including:

Gem covers

Custom lapel pins


And more

Read on to find out more about Imprint Plus employee recognition badges and add-ons for name badges.

We can also help you with employee desk name plates and door name plates!

Name Badge Gem Covers

Gem Covers with different colored gems.

Decals with Clear Add-Ons

Why We Made Decals

Do something well? Get a gold star. We all remember decals from our days in elementary school.  At Imprint Plus, we re-defined this concept for the name badge. Our clear add-on and domed name badge reward decals are a polished, fun way to improve your employee recognition program, and let your customers know you care. The Clear Add-On can also be used to communicate other things, like country of origin. Please review our wide variety of name badge reward decals for some inspiration.

How This Name Badge Add-On Works

Imprint Plus developed a Clear Add-On in a classic Badge Talker shape that adheres to the back of your name badge plate. This Add-On becomes a dedicated recognition space to which you can easily affix motivational decals. See the banner at the top of the page to see this name badge accessory in action. The Clear Add-On really adds to the name badge look in a positive way.

Key Reward Decal Features

Huge selection of name badge reward decals including:
 – employee of the month decals
– star decals
– motivational messages
– and much, much more

Designed to fit with Imprint Plus reusable name badges

Super strong adhesive makes sure the name badge decal Add-On stays put

Increases name badge real estate

Affordable way to enhance your employee recognition program

Easy to implement

Highly visible to clientele

Bronze, Silver and Gold Name Badge Medallions recognize employees at Shoppers Drug Mart

Name Badge Medallions

Why We Made Medallions

Employee recognition badges, name badge decals, custom lapel pins, and other name badge accessories are uniquely designed and can be easily customized to suit your needs. You can also purchase specific Employee Recognition Kits. Our name badge medallions add just a little extra personal recognition for employees that deserve to stand out from the “Employee of the Month” or other similar employee recognition programs.

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