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9 Awesome Laundry Storage Organizational Hacks for Your Commercial Business
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No matter your industry, it’s likely you deal with the woes of storage and organization, especially when it comes to your linens, towels and uniforms. You have your business to run, but you also can’t leave your laundry strewn across your establishment.

Laundry storage doesn’t need to be complicated, though. It’s all about investing in the right supplies, equipment and organizational systems so that you always know where to find what you need, where to put it, and how to keep it out of sight of customers and clients.

Here are our laundry storage organizational hacks to keep your business in check and help you maintain your linens:

1. Purchase cabinets or designate other storage space.

First of all, you need somewhere to put your linen supply. To keep your linens clean during storage (along with the added benefit of getting your laundry out of sight), linens need to be stored in a closed area. Cabinets offer you that sanitary component your business needs, combined with convenient built-in shelving to place your linens. With the right cabinetry, you won’t need to worry about your guests seeing your linens running amuck.

2. Create an efficient basket and container system with drawer organizers.

Once you’ve acquired your cabinetry, dresser or closet, it would be unwise to simply throw your linens in there and call it a day. Your employees need to be able to easily grab what they need, when they need it, in a timely manner. For the various linens and towels your business uses, it’s best to organize them into different baskets and containers so no matter who is sorting, your linens always go back into the same spot, making them easy to find. If you are tight on space, add drawer organizers to your baskets to act as a separator between different types of linens.

3. Organize with linen labels.

Having baskets isn’t quite enough though. Make sure to label where everything should go so you can prevent misplaced linens. This makes it easier for your employees to more efficiently do their job because they’ll always know where everything is and where everything goes – with the help of labels.

4. Install hooks or a towel bar to the back of the closet wall for hanging linens.

Once you’ve established the basics, like a place to store your linens, baskets for better organization and labels for clarity, it’s time to look at your unused space that could be better utilized for laundry storage. Because every cabinet and closet is different, not all of these tips moving forward may work, but take a step back, look at your storage space and evaluate which areas of that space are not being used. For example, if you have tall, vertical areas of wall space between your shelving, you might consider installing hooks to hang up linens as well.

5. You can also install hooks or bars to the back of your closet door!

If your space is too tight to hang up linens within your cabinets, how does your door look? Could you potentially install hooks to your door and fit some linens onto those hooks? Get creative with your space!

6. Install drawers for every available storage space.

And if you’re still in need of more space, some cabinets and dressers have an unused area (the space between your cabinet doors and the floor). If your cabinet has this and it’s possible, you may want to install a drawer in that space so that every part of the cabinet or dresser is being used.

7. Consider above-the-cabinet laundry storage.

If all else fails, consider closed containers that you can place on top of your cabinet. Just make sure that if you do this, you have a way of covering it so that it is out-of-sight from customers.

8. Leave your hand towels out for display.

Bathroom hand towels don’t need to stay in storage. Fold or roll them into elegant designs in your bathroom to impress the customer, while simultaneously making more room in your storage space for your other linens.

9. Don’t worry about investing in an entire laundry room.

You may have noticed by now that we have not mentioned your washer and dryer once. That’s because you shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining and organizing an entire laundry room when there are excellent linen and laundry companies that can help you with your laundry needs! All you need to worry about when working with a linen and laundry service is putting your linens away.

But not just any linen and laundry company will live provide your business the quality and assurance you need. That’s why when looking for a linen and laundry provider, you should contact us at Linen Finder first. We pre-screen providers across all of the U.S., Canada and Australia, only to deliver the best of the best to you.

To learn more about how our services work and to get in touch with a quality provider near you, visit one of our service websites and fill out an online form or give us at Linen Finder a call at 888-770-2489.

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